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Was wondering if anyone knows with experience of any good hairloss doctors in the central Florida area? I have looked on the net etc,but everyone says the same and you never know what’s a scam or not on there ads. Was hoping to hear from some real people. Thanks hope someone can help

Yeah somebody pleas list a topical hair loss solution they have tried and worked for them in the past.

I started balding in High School.

Rogaine (Minoxidil Topical Solution) has keep it at bay. I buy the generic brand. But it’s a losing battle.

I’ve tried Propecia, I’m one of the 5% it didn’t work for. My friend tried it and it worked great, grew back all his hair loss. He also got a doctor that didn’t give him the “Propecia” brand name ($50-$60), and gave him a weaker dose of the generic prostate drug that it really is. I forget the name, but at 5mg it’s a prostate drug. At 2mg is the strengh of the brand named Propecia. This ran him $20 a month.

I also hear a bic razor works well. Just don’t comb over.

Just shave it. Seriously. Nothing sounds more effeminate than a man trying desperately to hang on to his hair.

Go to any dermatologist, if you really are thinning then he should have no problem giving you finasteride(Propecia). You only need about 1mg per day to keep your hair. It’s worked great for me! I use Proscar(5mg) and split it into 4. I take one of those quarters every other day. This is the most cost effective way of using this product as opposed to using the Propecia.

go to hairsite.com there is a shit load of info there. there are a lot of new and effective treatments to read about.

There is a doctor that sent a message to reader mail, saying that if anyone needed a prescription for proscar, to contact him. You might want to look for that.

Shave your head!

Works for me.

Thanks for the response and yes shaving the head is what when I am to far gone on top. I still seem to think I am at the point where I can save or treat my hair so I figured I would at least try my best with that before I throw in the towel. I am 28 and mostly thinning on the top of my head not the top back and have try propecia for about 5 months and it did not seem to help and if anything I seem to shed hair faster. That’s why I was hoping to find a respected doctor in the central Florida area to go see. Thanks again

It took about 12 months for Propecia to bring noticable regrowth to my hair. It has grown back so thick that I have to take extra time to make sure all the shampoo is washed out of my hair. The results have been short of remarkable. I say to stick with it for at least a year.

I’m using Rogaine now and have been for the last three months. Nothing noticeable so far, but I haven’t been good about using it twice a day like you’re supposed to (although I always put it on in the mornings).

I’ve heard that a Propecia / Rogaine combo can work great at regrowing hair but I’ve also heard that Propecia can have some sexual side effects. Anyone using it experience anything like that?

no side effects here.

Decrease in volume of load.

“Just shave it. Seriously. Nothing sounds more effeminate than a man trying desperately to hang on to his hair.”

That’s one of the least T-man comments I’ve ever read. By this rational, one could go one the “Looking Good Naked (Training/Nutrition)” forum and write…

“Just buy baggy sweaters. Seriously. Nothing sounds more effeminate than a man that diets and exercises desperately trying to stay fit.”

I grant that some people would say I’m reaching with this logic, but I see it as very similar.

Or, you could shave it and use hair loss products. After all, what if you hooked up with some chick that loved your sexy bald head, and she decided she’d like to see what you look like with hair? Then, when you started growing it back out, she’d see that bald spot, and realize that she was dating a guy who’s going bald! And then the love affair would be over.

Seinfeld brings insight to daily living.


I stand by my statement.

It’s whiney and gay to fret for your hair.

Taking a pill and making your hair grow doesn’t make you a better person. It just makes you shallow and vain. Popping a pill is not an accomplishment that you can compare to busting ass in the gym.

(I started balding very young, so I feel like I’m qualified to speak)

Figured that would be your opinion seeing you lost the battle. I cant see why popping a pill with is just like taking a vitamin is a big deal. I guess you just have a lot of anger from what happened to you lol… nothing wrong with a shave head nor trying to keep your hair if you can.Also nothing wrong with trying to look your best why go to the gym? why wear certain clothes? etc. its all the same and like i said if it was to far gone or gets that way i will shave my head but till then why not try to keep it.