Hairloss with Tren, Win, and EQ

I am about to do my first cycle of tren and win, (possibly run some EQ in there)and am not sure at what doses. i am currently on propecia (finasteride) and was wondering if i would be doing myself more harm than good if i was to run it with a tren/win cycle. i am pretty sure that i am prone to MPB so it’s kinda a big psychological issue with me. if anyone has any answers or recommendations on the subject, they would be much appreciated.

I know very little about steroids, but from what I have read, steroids that are androgenic will speed up MPB/Hairiness etc if you are bald/hairy.

I think Winstrol is more anabolic and tren is more androgenic.

I hope this helps, although you will probably want someone more knowledgable to help out!

Hi bud,

I don’t have any personal experience with AAS, but I do read this forum a lot, because it is a subject of interest to me. Since no one has responded with a really authoritative answer, I’ll take a stab at it, as I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge from my perusal here, and the vets can correct/add to it if necessary:

I take it you are genetically predisposed to hair loss. Doing winny and tren will be like pumping DHT into your system. Finasteride only inhibits the conversion of test into DHT via the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. Since these DHT-based compounds are being put directly into your system, the finasteride is useless. Eq, BTW, is supposed to be moderate for hair loss.

You should be planning to run testosterone as a base for you cycle, also… tren is supposed to be very suppressive. If this is your first cycle, most suggest just a standard test-e at 500mg/wk for 10-12 weeks, with maybe a dbol kickstart (40mg or so ED) for 1-4 weeks while waiting for the test to kick in. Test hair loss can many times be kept at bay with finasteride.

Keep in mind, a lot of people say that finasteride will do nothing for shedding due to dbol, although I haven’t read exactly why (vets, do you have an answer??? I’d love to know).

As the poster above said, stay away from the more androgenic steroids (Trenbolone, Masteron, Winstrol, Halotestin, Dianabol, Testosterone, and Equipoise (somewhat).

It would be better to stick to the less androgenic one’s (Anavar, Primo, Turinabol, and Deca).

Finasteride will help with testosterone and maybe dbol (not 100% sure). As another option you could add Nizoral shampoo. It will help block DHT and it’s analogs from binding to the receptors in your scalp.

You could design a cycle like this…

Testosterone 100mg a week (For sexual/mood/estrogen purposes)
Deca 400mg a week (Add Cabergoline for prolactin control to keep dick working)
Primo 400mg a week
Anavar/Turinabol 50mg per day

The testosterone is kept low to prevent excess DHT. It is also there for mood, sexual support, and normal estrogen levels.

You can mix and match the Deca, Primo, and Anavar/Turinabol if you like. The simpler the better. You can change the dosages to your liking.

Cabergoline is a must if you use Deca with low testosterone.

You can add Finasteride and Nizoral. Be careful of dropping DHT levels too low with Finasteride. It can cause depression and sexual dysfunction.

Hi Dopa,

Something to mention here: I’ve read that Deca and Finasteride together is a no-no, as Finasteride prevents Deca from aromatzing into the DHN (OK on hair) and instead into nandrolone (bad on hair).

thanks for the responses patricio and dopa. i am actually trying to plan out a cutting cycle for a couple of shows that i will be doing this summer. since i would like to tip toe around speeding up hair loss a great deal, i think i might run primo, clenbuterol, and maybe some anavar and t3.

does that sound feasable, or at least a safer bet than win/tren (regarding hairloss). keep in mind, i cut really easy and fast for some reason, so i am not even sure that i would need something as potent as win or tren. thanks…