Hairloss from Tren or just Stress?

Whats up guys. I’ve run tren a couple times in my late 20s, I’m now 33. Just 100mg weekly. No hair loss at all.

Genetically, it doesn’t appear hair loss is a problem in my family. My father has a full long head of hair and he’s 73. He’s actually a barber. Although my grandfather went bald early, my 2 uncles (his sons) had no hair loss. So I cant tell what my genetics point to.

The last time I ran tren was 4 years ago. I noticed some thinning for the first time. But… at the same time I was arrested and charged with some crimes (which were dropped, thankfully) and was more stressed out than I’ve ever been in my life.

So I cant tell if it was the tren, or the stress. I’ve never had hair thinning on AAS in my life. Or hair thinning in general in my life. But also ran pretty small doses. 200mg test cyp with 100mg tren ace.

Since I saw some thinning last time I ran tren I dropped it immediately and started using Finasteride + minoxidil and now my hair looks perfect.

I’d like your opinion and perspective on whether you guys think it was the huge amount of stress resulting in the thinning or the tren?