Hairloss After Cycle

I was at my barber today, it was the first time i got my hair cut in 8 months! He told me i’m thinning out on top! Not good news to hear!

As i’m just finished a Test E cycle i was wondering is it too late to do anything about it? I’ve read about proscar before but i haven’t got time to spend hours searching the net at the moment! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I dont lose any hair till the PCT.

Rapid hormone shifts + SERM usage = hair shedding.

Dont worry about it as long as its not too severe.

I use a DHT blocker shampoo, you can even get a half strength version at walmart, called nizoral or something.

It should grow back a few weeks after you finish the PCT.

I noticed my hair thinning a tad at the crown of my head during the cycle and a little afterwards, but after several weeks of having everything out of my system it came back.

It will probably just grow back.

If you are prone to MPB you would have lost hair during the cycle. If you aren’t prone to MPB your hair will grow back. Over a long time period you may notice some changes but not likely after one cycle.

If one isnt prone to MPB then there will be no hairloss.

If one is, then the hairloss will be accelerated is all, and only a little is suspected to grow back post cycle AFAIK.


Cheers Guys!