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Ok, I am sick and tired of having to shave my chest and arms w/ a razor every week to keep the hair off. I need another solution. I’ve tried Nair and other hair removal products but they don’t work. Don’t have the $$ for electrolysis. Any suggestions??

um… just let it grow??

If not, try waxing, but be prepared for some pain.

I’m in the same boat. I hate my chest hair. One night i was seriously bored and i decided to pluck out just about every hair. Probably took like an hour and half and hurt like a MF. But it didn’t really grow back for a week or so. Probably going to do it again soon. Yes, i’m a masochist.

Mow it, don’t spend any energy or time to get rid of it. It’s there for a reason: you’re a man. Keep it trimmed with a professional-grade clipper and you’ll look hot.

I have a solution. Hire a man-servant to pluck every hair every other day. Hey, it worked for Caesar. Or, you can be like me. You can walk around with a full chest full of hair daring any man to make a comment. Besides, women love men with chest hair. However, if your goal is to attract the homosexual, you should continue to shave.

You know I normally stay away from the threads that tend to raise eyebrows, but this one kills me. I have seen threads like this on other forums and the responses tend to be the same. Not all chicks dig hairy dudes, unless my wife and a past few girlfriends prior to her are the only women walking the earth who do and they all came from 2 different towns. Then there is always the dude with the sexuality complex who says it is gay or attracts gays. Yet I am pretty sure there might be some hairy homosexuals out there. Last time I checked, shaving does not make you gay, having ass-sex with another man makes you gay. Hehe! Oh and I think to attract homosexuals all you have to do is be a dude. Gee they wont look at ya if your not gay too. Just like I would never even consider looking at a lesbian. LMFAO!!! You guys fucking kill me.

thanks for all the advice (input sarcasm here). yep i’m a man. and yes i love the women and NOT the men. but you see judges just don’t look too favorably on those covered w/ chest hair in competing. so if anyone has any good advice…

JS, that was a hilarious post. However, I would hate to be known as “the dude with the sexuality complex.” On a serious note, I believe that there are as many opinions on what is sexy as there are people. However, I tire of hearing how chest hair is unattractive in general. In my experience, I have found it to be just the opposite. BigPol, sorry pal, but I don’t have anything extra to add to your methods of hair removal.

No harm no foul Bro. I still love ya, in a manly, platonic, T-dude kind of way.

I hate to tell you, but without shaving, you only have about 2 options. Clipping and Waxing.

I would not consider waxing, but it should work for the results you’re looking for. You don’t have to do it as often, either.

However, I think it would be worth it to get a set of clippers from Wal-Mart. They shave the hair pretty close without the guards. Also, you can use the biggest guard that comes with them to trim downstairs (not shave). Usually, the ladies appreciate that when they’re working down there.

Well, if you’d like a female perspective, leave it alone! There is nothing worse than snuggling up to abrasive chest stubble man. Yuck. However, if you must, try a sugaring product like Nads (from the infommercial, you can get it in stores now), they don’t hurt as much as waxing for whatever reason. And if you are going to bother please don’t forget the part that really needs to be groomed. I think women don’t mind giving head as much as men think, it is mouthful of rip van winkle length crotch crisps that I object to. Actually for all men who don’t already, trim the pubes super short, and use a good hair conditioner from time to time, on all the body hair you keep. Trust me on this one.

I have seen this stuff on TV that you just apply it on the hair, leave it on for about 10 min and then just wash it away in the shower. On the demostration they had, it worked perfectly, all the hair was gone. Has anyone ever tried this?

I had a friend who tried that wash off stuff. He said it didn’t work too well, almost like Nair. But he also said that if you leave it on too long, it will burn your skin. He had a couple of small marks left over from 6 months before to show for it.

So if you do try it, remember to wash it off in the recommended amount of time, or you’ll regret it.

Wait until your my age and it start growing out of your ears, on your shoulder and starts filling in on your back. Not a pretty boy, but then I never want to be. Besides my ladiy like to curl up with her warm teddy bear.