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I am growing my hair and was wondering if you guys or gals know of any ways that could make my hair grow faster. I was told that wearing a hat is supposed to help but was given no explanation whatsoever.So…

Actually, I heard wearing hats for too long could lead to hair LOSS, not gain. I have no evidence to back it up, but I heard so from multuple people throughout my life. Maybe it’s just a myth, though.

b vitamins, silica and omega 3’s will all help your hair.and though it may sound ‘backwards’ keeping the ends trimmed and healthy will keep it from breaking off and getting all frizzy. and cheap shampoo and conditioner is just that - cheap. get the good stuff to keep everything in good shape

i agree with the buying good conditioners and shampoo along with keeping it trimmed and in nice shape or else it wont be what your looking for once it does get long, i also heard soaking your hair in soy sauce works well but i was never one to try that, just give it some time and itll be there soon enough just dont get impatient during the awkward stages and chop it all off, oh yeah i also heard of something called horse and mane shampoo making hair grow faster never seen nor heard of that in a store though

Thanks for the answers guys. I do have some concerns about trimming my hair. the barber never seems to understand the word “trim” neither the phrase “cut the tips only” and tends to get “creative”.
Any other piece of advice is welcome.

theres a couple of things that can help, first of all i noticed that i increase my protein that my hair grows faster (maybe cause the fact that hair is dead protein cells)
Also L-cysteine helps with nair and hair cell growth ( get twinlabs HAIR FACTORS ) it has everything. Also up your daily of E.F.A’s help big time.

there’s your problem… you go to a ‘barber’ suck it up and go to a SALON. call around and ask if they have someone who has experience with men and long hair. it will cost you more, but a good place knows ‘the ends’ MEANS ‘the ends’. think about it, if a woman gets her hair cut and the stylist screws it up she probably won’t go back and will give them plenty of bad press… a good salon will work very hard to make sure you’re happy

Hey Fabio, just get a haircut you dirty hippie. Are you going into pro wrestling or male whoring? Why not a nice mullet?

Grow a mullet. It has nothing to do with growing your hair out faster, but who cares! Mullets are cool!

Defex, I too was told as a child that I better not wear my baseball hat too much or my hair would fall out. It never did. Hence it may just be a myth right up there with “you can knock someone’s nose into their brain with the palm of your hand!” This is an anatomically impossible feat, and any martial artist who didn’t get his blackbelt from a crackerjack box will readily admit it. Another funny one is “If you shave it, it will grow back thicker!” I’m sure all men with male pattern baldness wish that one were true. “If you drink soda after eating certain types of candy, you’ll explode!” I bet the Hamas in Palestine wishes that one were true - just buy a soda and a box of that candy that fizzes in your mouth, get on an Israeli bus, fill your mouth with fizz candy, take a drink of soda and blow that bus to Hell. Their are many, many of these myths, and the scary part is that 90% of the population actually believes in such idiocy! I guess people are only “rational” on the surface.

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