Hair Treatment Formula

Any recommendations on hair treatment formula that is effective both in purpose and cost? I was previously using a topical of Minoxidil 5%/ Azelaic Acid 12.5%/ Finasteride 0.1%/ Ketoconazole 2% from Defy for $60 for a 60ml bottle. It is now out of stock (with no estimated change) and I am looking for a suitable replacement. The services I have researched seems to be more costly for less of the good ingredients. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you

Finasteride and Minoxidil are the most effective drugs approved for treating hair loss by the FDA. Dutasteride works very well, but isn’t approved by the FDA for hair loss, and is likely overkill for most guys compared to Finasteride.

I take both Finasteride and Minoxidil. Works great for me. Hardly any hair on the hands after washing it in the shower. I have long hair, so it is quite noticeable. I take both in oral form. The Minoxidil is not approved by the FDA for hair loss in oral form though (only approved for blood pressure). Works better than the topical version though, and I like just popping a pill vs putting something on my head. Do your own research on that if considering. Lots to understand there.

Thanks for the input. has this helped you with regrowth of hair? How long before you began noticing a difference?

Do you have any side effects? My concern was some of the side effects if taking pills for this.

My source (Defy) has Finasteride 5mg pills for $5 PER PILL and Minoxidil .25mg for $.95. Would hope for more cost effective option than $5.95 per day. Is this around what you pay?

Maybe very slightly. I started Finasteride at the very first signs of thinning at the crown. I don’t think anyone really anyone thought I was losing any hair. I asked one of my buddies to look at my scalp. He uses hefty doses of AAS and uses Minoxidil and Dutasteride. He said he thought it was just starting to thin a bit. It might be vain, but hair is important to me, so I figured I’d at least try Finasteride. I started out with 0.25 mg ED. No negatives. I do think my libido went up a bit, but that didn’t stop me from using it. I then went to 0.5 mg ED for a while. Nothing changed, then to 1 mg ED. I don’t think I’ve had noticeable side effects.

I didn’t want to use minoxidil because of the topical application every day. I didn’t think I would stick to it. My buddy I mentioned, was telling me about 6 months back that he was now using oral minoxidil. It is stronger than the topical, but needs to be taken responsibly or it can be dangerous, as it could cause someone to have ultra low blood pressure. In higher dosages, it will likely cause hair growth all over the body.

When I added Finasteride, I noticed I shed less than before though. With the Minoxidil, I shed even less. This is after the initial shedding that both of these drugs can cause.

I think my hair has gotten some regrowth. It is subtle though. My part is more dense, or not as wide.

I’d take a look at some of Haircafe’s videos on YouTube if you are worried about the side effects. He gets into the research on the side effects and how to handle them.

Also, if going oral med route, there isn’t much harm in starting with lower amounts on both things and going up over time. Like start with 0.25 mg Fin and 1.25 mg Minoxidil to start. If all good after 6 months, go to 0.5 mg and 2.5 mg. If all good after another 6 months, 1 mg and 2.5 mg. I personally probably won’t go above 2.5 mg on the minoxidil. Lots of guys ramp up to 5 mg ED. It seems a lot more get negatives at that dosage. It is a take it until you don’t care about your hair anymore drug (probably lifetime), so I am sticking with the 2.5 mg just to be safe. It is effective at that dose, just not quite like 5 mg. I guess 5 mg is just ridiculous for growing hair though.

I’ll be happy if I can maintain were I am, since I started so early on with good hair. I’d be tempted to go to 5 mg on the Minoxidil if it was thinner though.

I pay $240 a year for Finasteride from Keeps. I save a bit getting it all at once. It is more like $300 if you get the bottle every month. Those are 1 mg pills. More than 1 mg of Finasteride a day will not make a difference. 0.5 mg is very likely to be just as effective as 5 mg based on research.

I buy my oral Minoxidil from an Indian pharmacy online. They “require” a script, but don’t check it if you leave it blank. I get 5 mg pills for like $0.75 each and split them. I could also get my Finasteride there for a lot less than I am paying though Keeps, but it isn’t that much from Keeps either, so I don’t bother cancelling.

My cost is about a dollar a day. If I went all through the Indian pharmacy, and I got 10 mg minoxidil pills (would have to quarter them which is a PITA vs halving them), I could do it for like $0.50 a day.

Sorry, that was kinda a ramble.