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Hair Transplant?

I have been battling thinning hair w/ monoxidil and spiro for years. I have stopped the loss but the hair on top is too thin for comfort.

Has anyone had a transplant within the last 5 years? I had read that scarring and re-loss were 2 big problems.

My hair is real thick on the sides and back.

Also, does anyone know the approximate price for a transplant?

I’ve lost some on the top sides. I’ve been taking Propecia for a year now, but it hasn’t stopped it completely. I’m worried that I’ll have the mohawk thing going soon. I’m going to get transplants in the next few months. All the consultations so far are in the $5,000 range for 1000 hairs.

5.000 for 1.000 hairs!!! Crazy!

Alot cheaper to shave, that’s what I will do in a near future. My hair is thinning aswell, who cares?

Be a man and shave!


Be am man shave… Did that. Some guys look good and some guys don’t. The 1st time I did it most people said it looked good. then I did it a year later and it didn’t look right (I may have been 15 lbs thinner). My girlfriend said she hated it the 2nd time. I own a business so I can’t come off as too radical. Plus I want hair. I may shave my head again in the summer but I want hair.

Its not just vanity either. People look at you and make judegments - especially off first appearances. A guy with badly thinning hair, a fat man or a short man does not command the attention that a man without these problems does. It is fact. People who look better live better. They get better jobs, they get preferential treatment - this is socialogical fact.

Plus thinning hair tends to make you look older.

There is something now called Follicular Transplantation. It is many more times less invasive than traditional hair transplants. The bad thing is that there are only a few doctors that perform the procedure. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t even consider getting traditional transplants now that follicular transplantation is here. I’ve seen photos that compare the two procedures. There really is no comparison.

the main thing people will judge you on is how you carry yourself and how you present yourself.
If you are confident, in shape and dress well in clothes that fit you well, I wouldn’t sweat it.

Then again, I’ve always hated my hair and though my hair started thinning when i was 21, I could give a shit.
SO: I don’t have a phobia or mental “block” about it.

(But I have friends who do, and they are terrified of hair loss so I see where you’re coming from.)

If you’re so worried about how you llok, post a picture of you with your head shaved on hotornot.com or in the photos forum and see what the t-vixens think.

Just my 2 cents.


Hope I didn’t offend you but most people asking that type of question are terrified of losing their hair.

First impression is quite important for me aswell since I run my own business (diveschool). Don’t want to scare the customers away, do we?

What I do is using a trimmer on No1, leaves about 2-3 MM (app.1/8 inch)of thinning hair:-) Not much but gives the impression that you have hair, thinning hair usually only looks bad when it gets too long.

Don’t worry about looking old, stay in shape and carry yourself well and people will forget thinking about your age.

(Age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter).

You guys have to understand, not everyone can shave their head. I would love to because it would make things a lot easier. But I work in the automotive business. Daily, I meet with executives from the Big 3. I would instantly lose credibility by showing up with a shaved head. Unfortunately, it’s human nature. If I owned a gym or other personal business, I’d shave it in a second.

Anybody hear of RU58841? I’ve also been doing research on hair loss and have heard some good things about this drug.


I am not fanatical about my hair thinning - I won’t take proscar even though I know it would help me becuase of its effects on libido and strength. I would just much rather have good hair than not.

Has anyone had a transplant and if so how didit turn out?

Chotto… if you did it in stages and continued to dress nicely, not much would happen in this regard unless you do not have a good head for it. I can understand the perception thing but a lot of people are starting to shave. It is very extreme for some people… I did mine in stages.

I was on my way to get a haircut and I went to Target instead and got some clippers. I used a #4 or something and had that for a couple of weeks, then I went to a #2 (or whatever they are) over a weekend, then did the clippers straight out. I bic’d it a few times but I don’t like that look unless I have a good tan. I normally just shave it on a 0 setting with no attachment now once a week.

Spectster- Just shave your head, and if you are jacked, who cares. If you are swole, people will look at you in envy.

Remember the Seinfeld episode where George reads about a CHinese doctor who has invented a lotion that can regrow hair and he has the Chinese restaurant delivery guy call China?

The doctor tells him “You grow hair…
look-a-like Stalin!!”

First time I ever heard the name of Stalin used in a humorous way…

I’ve been inspired by this post! I made an appointment today to get the surgery done next week. BTY-I’m getting it at MHR (www.medicalhairrestoration.com). They do follicular transplantation. There are only 3 places in Michigan that do this type of transplants.


I don’t think I have much to offer regarding hair replacement surgery, except to say that I have friends who did it and now regret it. Maybe I’ve never seen a really good job, but those I have seen are immediately obvious and…frankly…pathetic.

You mention that people make judgements, and I agree. But I think the harshest judgements are reserved for the dreaded combovers or the hair transplant victims who just don’t look quite right.

It’s like looking at a wrinkled, gray-haired old broad with fake boobs and collagen lips. Your first thought is, “How pathetic. Just let it go, honey.”

And the thing is, society is much more forgiving of guys. I agree with most of the above posts…let it go, guy. Impress people with your physique, your brain, and your confidence. Who needs hair, anyway?

Its not just vanity either. People look at you and make judegments - especially off first appearances. A guy with badly thinning hair, a fat man or a short man does not command the attention that a man without these problems does. It is fact. People who look better live better. They get better jobs, they get preferential treatment - this is socialogical fact.

Tell that to Sean Connery. Over 60, if not 70, balding, and voted sexiest man of the 20th century, or real close.

Also, could you imagine Michael Jordan with hair?

And I know a couple of guys in their 40s and 50s who keep their crown hair clipped real short and it still doesnt stop them from seducing women in <b>any</b> age group. Its that confidence+charisma thing that gets you far ahead (pardon the pun) in life.

Also, those with a good jaw can use short hair to their advantage. It draws even more attention to your face.

Look at the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. There is a disproportionate percentage of men with hair in these positions than their is of men of the general public. It’s human nature that we give more attention and favor better looking people. Bald doesn’t equal beautiful, sorry.

Hey guys,

As far as Sean Connly and MJ,  some guys definately can carry it off, some guys just don't look good bald.

I did more research on transplants - I don’t think I have ever read or seen anything positive about them. I use to think that doctors were noble and above the sleeze of lawyers and that ilk. I now know better. There are plenty of doctors that will do unnecessary operations just to line their pockets. There is one hospital in Boston where they just operate and operate. I know people who were hooked on dope and they did the one day detox and it doesn’t work - they ended up more sick than if they hadn’t gone at all. Rapid detox, back operations, plastic surgery - I think they do more harm than good, doctors know it, but do them anyway.

I went to a web site just for transplants- The photos are all BS - they play with the light and the angels and none of it looks good. Yet there are guys going back for their 10th operation -sick? These guys talk about operations to fix the mess from the last operation.

Has anyone seen anything positive?

I know I may be a little late on this, but I just shaved my head from having 8+ inches of hair. I have had good reactions and bad (the bad reactions were from people who preferred the mullet that I had for a week). Since shaving I feel much bigger (not like that… perverts) my shoulders appear wider and there seems to be alot more intesity at the gym and when with people without hair flopping down into my face.

Be proud of what you have, and take heart that if all else fails you can grow a handle bar mustache, build yourself a chopper and intimidate the hell out of people. :wink:

I am interested in this topic also. Has anyone received good results from transplants? And, any t-vixens care to respond? If I’m big, ripped and bald, what do you think?

Alright, I got the procedure done on Thursday. The procedure took about 6 hours. They implanted over 1300 hair follicles. I felt only a little uncomfortable a few hours after the surgery. One Tylenol 3 and that cleared it up. The worst part was having to sleep at a 45 degree angle for the first 4 nights. On Friday, I really didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. All I felt was a little tightness around the donor area. So far, so good.