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Hair Transplant


I have thinning hair at the crown and have been battling it with spiro and minoxadil for years. I have stopped further loss but what I have I am not happy with.

I won't consider a hairpiece because I am too active and I would always be thinking that everyone know I had one.

I am now considering a transplant. The hair at the sides and back is real thick and healthy. has anyone had a transplant within the last 5 years and if so, what were the result? I recall reading something about scarring and the hair falling back out.

Any informed knowledge would be great.


Be a man and shave it.



Carry yourself with confidence and no one will give a rats ass about your hair.

Confidence and personality are more important.


I gotta agree with Mikeyali, Wear the bald with pride, at worst it will make your shoulders look wider.

At best you will realise that hair isn't that important. I know better than most, I have had, and currently have, the most ridiculous hairstyles in the history of time and from the blue crown of thorns to bald to a combover and now a mullet, experience has taught me that if you carry yourself with confidence, your hair doesn't matter at all.


ya shave it, or shave + wax it

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Look at the website http://www.baldrus.com for good information on the dark side of hair transplants and hairpieces.


Don't act like a bitch. Shave it.