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Hair Starting to Thin


Well, as a lot of you know I will be starting my first cycle soon (test e 500/wk 10 weeks), and am just waiting on the gear now (first order got seized).

Now, I have run into a little problem. A few days ago a friend of mine noticed that my hair was thinning in the back. My family has had a history of male pattern baldness, and I previously thought this as an inevitability (as my brother started to lose his hair a couple years ago) of course, and was planning to take measures against it during my cycle, such as using a mild topical anti-androgen.

However, now that the beast has already advanced on me without even my knowledge, I feel it is necessary to take some serious steps to combat this. I did my research before on DHT and it's conversion thereof, it's contributions to hair loss and acne, etc... I went a bit more in depth this time around to make sure I pulled out all the stops.

What I read is that, although DHT is a lot more potent than testosterone itself, it is largely deactivated in muscular tissue. Now, the part about deactivation I have only read once, and that was on wikipedia (therefore I am a bit skeptical on its credibility). Can anyone confirm or smash this theory.

I am faced with a choice here, but obviously I have already chosen. On the one hand, I can ignore the beast and accept the hair loss, or I can take Proscar and try to combat it, with decreased DHT conversion during my cycle. I have chosen the latter, without knowing for sure how hard (if at all) the decreased DHT will affect my gains. I sincerely hope it is true that it is deactivated in tissues, so I don't feel like crap through my entire cycle that I am severely shortchanging myself with my gains, even though it is a necessary evil.

Thanks a ton in advance guys,


DHT promotes aggression, sexual desire, proper erectile and ejaculatory funtion, and lipid metabolism. You should be fine, but we aware of these functions as you take the medication, as you may have mild side effects regarding these things.

I would take Proscar too. You can always grow more muscle, you can't regrow hair.


I almost forgot about the original question. DHT is almost completely inactive in muscle tissue.


Thanks a ton schwarz, you have eased my mind. One of those characteristics you listed has me a little curious though. Since DHT promotes lipid metabolism, should I be reconsidering my decision to remain on the Anabolic Diet during cycle?


There is little evidence to suggest that Proscar and similar drugs affect cholesterol profiles. Any changes these drugs would make, as minimal as they seem to be, would seem to benefit cholesterol and triglyceride profiles. When I said lipid metabolism I was referring to the role of DHT in lipogenesis and fat metabolism for energy. The role of AAS in promoting fat-burning, especially those drugs that are DHT-based or highly androgenic, is due in part to this DHT pathway. Testosterone does have the same effect, albeit to a much lesser degree. By inhibiting DHT production you may find lipogenesis blunted, but certainly not completely diminished as you will have much higher than normal testosterone levels.