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Hair Shed on TRT. Advice?

Does anyone have some suggestions? I use minox now. I am not “showing” balding but my hair is pretty fine overall and previous loss has been a loss of density. I use the Niz 1% shampoo as well …

Pre TRT levels of T, E, and DHT were all below range … so should i just assume all three are increasing?

120 mg / week (3 injections)
300 HCG / week (3 injections)

Anyone experience this or have a solid solution to combat it?

I’ve been on TRT for just over 4 years now. My wife just commented today she though I had grown some hair that it look thicker. With some detailed looking in the mirror I don’t believe Ive grown new hair but my old hair is now thicker so it just looks like more. I have always heard DHT was the reason we lose as we get older. I have never measured my DHT. My protocol is Tcyp120/wk HCG 800ui/wk .25 anastrozole/wk
As for supplements I believe help I take colligen everyday in my morning coffee.

My hair became thinner and longer after starting TRT. Testosterone and DHT effects skin and hair.

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did you ever take finasteride?

I don’t have a death wish.

i was just reading about HCG as the culprit and another TRT guru said that test alone is much less likely to cause balding but adding HCG really amps up the risk and likely causes the hair loss …

does anyone have any input on this? I am still new to this and just thought they were both means to an end (higher T) … but it appears HCG has influence over more hormones than simply T?

I’ve been on 800-1500iu of HCG for the last 4 years. My hair is thicker. I don’t believe HCG has anything to do with hair loss. Don’t believe anyone who calls himself a HRT Guru.