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hair saver stack

I found Brock’s hair saver stack using the search feature.
I don’t do winny so the one that looks good to me is the oral anavar 25mg/day and oral primo 50mg/day stack. However I can’t get oral primo. Is primo depot harder on the hair line or can I just replace the oral with injectible and if so how much?

Stacking primo and anavar for gains is a waste of hard earned cash and good drugs that could be used very effectively if used correctly. I don’t care what Brock says about it.

I got good gains off EQ/Primo/Anavar. I would add at least 200mgs of Test to your proposed stack. If you’re just looking for a little strength it might be a good stack, or if you’re a chick :wink:

O.K. then Spook. How 'bout examples and doses of some “good drugs” and how to use them “effectively” to make good gains and save my hair.

I didn’t say they weren’t good drugs. I said that your stacking 2 class 1 steroids together. Usually doesn’t make a kick ass cycle. I am not trying to prove anything to you. Try it, I have used a similar combo once and decided the drugs could have been used much more effectively had I done it differntly. To each his own.
Its up to you to learn for yourself bro. I don’t really care what you do, I just expressed my opinion.

Dude, if you want a ‘hair saver’ stack which actually gives you some mass, then take test with a DHT blocker, like finasteride.
You could even stack it with primo.

You’ll need to double - maybe even triple your doses to get any marked effect out of these drugs. If you have the money to do so then fine. If not, I suggest you start from scratch, first add proscar to the mix, then plan the rest of your cycle.

Hey Spook,
Sorry if I came off with a tude, that was not intended. I agree with your opinion of the cycle. I too have tried a similar cycle and it was less than effective at best. My past 3 cycles were a class I/II type and worked fine. I have even homebrewed my own tren. I am just trying to gather as much info. and opinons as possible on an effective stack that is easier on the scalp yet will provide good gains. What about the finasteride route, does it work and is it safe?

Yes it’ll help. If your prone to MPB you gonna end up there anyway. I don’t like finasteride because it knocks my libido to shit.
You might want to consider doing a primo/deca whatever based cycle using a smaller amount of test. I’ve done that and liked it real well.
I gave up on worrying about my hair a long time ago. Funny thing is is I haven’t lost really anymore then i would have by now.