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hair saver/Gh

1)I’ve searched like hell for Brock’s hair saver cycle and it won’t come up under T-forums or T-mag. Where else can I search for it, or better yet what is it and does it work?
2)If I do a gram of primo /week stacked with 2 I.U. of gh will my inerds grow?
3)Why do they say gh can make your hands and joints ache?

  1. Go to the end the Steroid Newbie Thread and try a Google search for what you’re looking for. I believe Dan “I know how to work a computer better than the average bear” McVicker posted this info.

  2. 1g/Primo sure as hell isn’t a “hair saver” stack. Primo causes hairloss when used at high dosages. (I don’t know much about GH.)

  3. Ache= something (typically bone) is growing. See “Growing pains.”

“the ach” is your nervous system. I heard GH affects the nerves. My firend took it ( 3 iu a day) and he kept wakin up in the middle of the night and said his hand felt like it was on fire ( this was 2 weeks in). he was told it was from the GH

like warhorse said, I believe the ache is from bones growing. I am not sure what causes carpal tunnel syndrome, but supposedly Gh can do this also. I have used up to 3 units in the past for 2months and had no issues. I am doing four IU/day starting in feb. can’t wait, this time I am using cytomel with it.

I concur with Warhorse, I never shed so much hair as I did with 700mgs of primo.