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Hair Replacement


Has anyone tried the surgery? Thoughts? Advice?


Can I give you the hair off my back?


Worked well for Wayne Rooney:


Another pic of Rooney :



Yeah its been three months.

I mean its unreal, this should be our new calendar.


Dude, you need to get back on your Propecia, and stop mating.


If that isn't a good answer for you, there are deeper problems you need to face than hair loss. FYI don't go over 3 blades, they just gum up and become useless.

  • Voice of experience.


That fucker was going full Statham and he went and got surgery. Derp.

News flash: there are more women into manly men than you can imagine, including the traits of pattern baldness and god forbid, body hair.


This is what balding guys with hairy shoulders and a "soul patch" on their lower back say to make themselves feel better.


If you're nice and funny and have a personality, women don't care about your hair.

Surgery is a waste. Plus I'm pretty sure if you keep going bald, it will become very evident that you had the surgery.

Do what you like though man.


It's what I've been told by countless women about myself. NEVER had a problem in that field, in fact I've improved over time. I know that sounds arrogant but it's the truth. I suppose being smart and in shape helps.

The beard doesn't hurt.

Buck up and get a razor.

  • The guy who's only 31 and already been at the balding game for over a decade.


I was just giving you a hard time man.


Propecia + Rogaine = give that a try first, see how it goes.


Fucks given: zero.

Moral of story - own your "defects," it's a lot stronger personality trait than having obvious fake hair can ever make up for. Hair replacement is for balding pussies who can't bear the thought of being less than what is promoted as perfect. Be a man, not a posterboy for insecurity.

Again...Statham. Half the women on Earth would hit it so hard. Bald as fuck.


I have thinning hair and I look retarded if I shave my head to no guard or with a razor. My head just has this weird bump on top that almost looks like a cone.

Guys like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis look good with a shaved head because it suits their facial features well and they have nice looking heads, lol. It also helps if you are black or have darker skin.


I'm sure being a movie star doesn't have anything to do with that...




Haha, it ain't racist, it's the truth. Balding white guys are jealous of how good black guys look with shaved heads.


Guess I won the skull-lottery.

You know I could have listed a bunch of non-movie star bald stud dudes but uh...kinda need a recognizable name here ya know?
"This girl I know, yeah her dad is bald and has had like 6 hot wives."