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Hair removal

shaving: the more you do it the more you have to do it. shave once a week and you get slower regrowth, shave every day, and you’ll have to shave every day. contrary to popular belief, it doesn NOT grow back thicker, but does gorw back faster. stubble is sharp and can get ingrown. pain factor: 1 out of 10, not counting cuts

waxing: every 6 weeks or so, can be expensive if you get it done porfessionally. is messy and annoying to do it yourself. hair grows back softer and finer because the more you rip it out the more damaged the root gets. coarse hair may get ingrown. pain factor: 8/10 at first, but lessens as you get used to it.

dipilatories (nair, etc) - chemically burns the hair off. not good for sensitive areas, smells bad and only lasts a little longer than shaving. pain: depends on where you’re doing it

laser: can only be done on dark hair and light skin. perminant after 3 or 4 sessions. extremely expensive. pain: depends on your tolerance…you can get numbing cream, but it only works to an extent. no matter what you’re gonna feel something.

electrolisis: takes FOREVER for every session, is expensive, and you have to do it over and over and over and over. pain: depends on where, but i’ve never had it be at all comfotable.

i’ve had expereince with all of the above, laser and waxing are my top two choises.

there are also new creams that are supposed to remove hair after a bunch of applications, but they’re expensive, you have to get them perscribed, and i don’t know if they really work. a friend of mine has some sort of blood pressure medication she takes which lessens the hair on her face - a side effect of that particular drug (no, she doesn’t have a beard, but had a decent anount under her chin that she hated.)

hope that helps!