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Hair removal

Marc, I’m right there with you buddy. I’m thinning on top. So I invested in some Propecia. We’ll see how it works. And I’m a hairy guy. And I hate it. I’ve shaved, trimmed, plucked, naired, waxed and used laser removal. Shaving is somewhat a pain in the ass. And I don’t like to shave my body too often, as I swear it grows back thicker! I only shave my armpits now. Every once in a while I shave my chest and stomach.

I’ve found that trimming works well, and you don’t have to do it as often. I trim my arms, legs, pubes, chest and stomach. And I had some patches of hair on my back permanently removed by laser. It isn’t the cheapest thing, and has taken multiple visits, but I’m happy with the results.