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Hair Removal

What’s the general preferred method of hair removal? I know shaving doesn’t last too long at all with me, and shit like Epilstop eats my skin off before it removes the hair…

It’s not easy, but Mach 3 Turbo does the job for me. You always get a close shave.

What is a Mach3 Turbo…? I live in England and we just have the Mach3.


Mach 3 turbo is the same as a mach 3 only it has a lubricated strip. No difference in shave though. Stick with your mach 3 it is all good in the hood.

So you guys are saying you use the Mach 3 to remove body hair as well as facial?

I remove most of the hair with electric hair clippers, no attachment, and then shave off the rest with a Gillette Atra Plus. Mach 3 is overrated. I did the “Consumer Reports”-like investigative reporting where I shaved one half of my face with each (I know, I need to get a life) and there was no difference in closeness. Why pay more for the Mach 3 and it’s blades?

Cheers Gimper,

I will stick with the Mach 3.

I have a competition coming up in April so will have to defuz then… Not looking forward to it as I’m a bit of a gorilla…


I know this sounds insane, but I just grab some tweezers and pull it all out. Mostly just chest, this obviously isn’t a viable method to do legs or whatever.

If I get too lazy and it gets out of hand, I use nair or equivalent; but if you stay on top of it with the tweezers it’s not that much of a pain in the ass because all the hair grows in at a different rate.

Plus, the hair grows in naturally, not all thick and gross like with shaving.