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Hair Removal

What have any of you found to be the best method of hair removal, esp on arms and back?

I just tried Nair 3 in 1, all it really did was burn my skin, but the hair is still there. Are any such methods effective? I really don’t have the coordination to shave my back!


R, hair removal is something I’ve been doing for years!

I’m a hairy little bastard, and when I started getting small patches on my back, I couldn’t stand to see it. I’ve shaved, used nair, waxing, plucking and most recently laser hair removal.

It isn’t the cheapest method, but it’s permanent. It does take quite a few visits. I’ve had six so far, and I’ll probably need a few more. Each time I go, all the hair is removed, but after six weeks some will grow back. I’ve noticed that some grows back much thinner and lighter. And other stuff that grows back is just new hair next to what was originally removed. I’ll keep going back until it is all gone or at least nothing more than peach fuzz.

Other than my back, I shave my armpits and keep my chest and stomach trimmed very short. As well as other areas. Be sure to find someone who has permanent laser hair removal. Some only last for a few months. Hope that helps!

I’ve plenty of experience shaving the ol’ legs so as far as your arms are concerned first get it short with an electric razor of some sort then go for it with a regular Mach 2 or 3 use some shaving creme and afterward alcohol and a lotion. As far as the back it’s going to be hard to do without the flexibility of a yoga instructor. Good luck with it.

Nair takes several applications to kick in. The first time you use it do the wide off and rinse, and then apply again. Don’t leave it on to long though. When the hair comes back, the nair will take it off alot easier.

note: never ever nair your armpits. the skin there will become severely inflamed and you will walk around like a zom

dammit, hit post accidently.

…you will walk around like a zombie and be unable to apply deoderant for several days (do not ask how I figured that out).