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Hair Removal?

Does anyone have any suggestions for quality hair removal? I’m a hairy bastard and get ingrowns from shaving really nasty on my chest arms and upper legs, I’m sick of this crap and Nair doesn’t work (takes off about 10%) has anyone tried epilstop or hair no more, etc? I can find endless articles on workouts, supplements, posing, tanning, etc, but when it comes to hair removal it’s like a big friggin secret. Any help?

Laser hair removal. It’s fairly expensive and can be painful, but it works. But it does take multiple visits.

How did you come up with this name? Does the name Ralf Scheepers ring a bell?

Epilstop is CRAP. I tried it on my back
(my girlfriend can’t believe I want to
bother removing what hair I have on my
back, but I hate hair on the back) and
it is bad stuff.

On the one hand, it’s nice that it sprays
on, but in the end that’s not important since it doesn’t work as well as Nair
yet is harsher.

BTW, the ads are total lies. They make it
look like you spray on and wipe right off,
seconds later. Not so, you are supposed
to wait even longer than with Nair.