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Hair Regrowth whilst on Cycle

During my first cycle(test only, 600- 800mg/wk for 10weeks) I noticed thinning and receding of my hairline, it seemed to stay like this during and after PCT. Even though I’m in my 40’s and hadn’t previously had any significant hairloss I became resigned to the fact I was balding, goodbye studly luscious hair.

When I started my next cycle(half test/half primo, 700mg/wk total) I started to use Nizoral shampoo2% every day, and saw palmetto extract capsules. In the last 6 weeks I have noticed significant hair regrowth both on the hairline, and amount of hair per square inch. Its pretty much back to pre steroid hairline. I thought most of the non prescription anti balding stuff was bullshit, but at least one of these products if not both is really doing its job.

Does anyone else have similar experience with nizoral shampoo and or saw palmetto?
If I stop using these products is it likely I will start to lose hair again?

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Yes nizoral worked for me also.