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Hair Regrowth After Cycle

Quick question. To those who have done cycles and lost hair, has anyone had regrowth of the lost hair after the cycle?

When u lose hair due to a cycle, u are really just speeding up a natural process. The hairs on your head that are genetically susceptible to DHT attacking the root and causing hairloss are going to happen no matter what. Just that the cycle creates an abundance of DHT speeding up the process.

I personally am genetically susceptible to hair loss and take finasteride year round. On cycle I up the dose to 2mg a day. This has been very successful for me and I have been using fina for 5 years.

Some will argue that fina affects the cycle, but I disagree. At least not for me personally. I am over 260lbs at 6’ and a reasonably low body fat… so i think things are going well for me.

Also you can limit DHT by which steroid u select, but all the good ones convert, LOL