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Hair Question


Helo, I have been running 750 mg test cycle.
Now as far as I know steroid introduced hairloss you will see is only in regions that are susceptable to DHT influence... IE: the top of the head.

But I have noticed nothing at top of my head only at thinning of hair at the sides http://postimg.org/image/s3pkuxmgt/2001bc10/ how is it possible?
I have very good hair genetics, my father is 50yr old and has thick hair, similar for maternal side...

Also hair on sides as well as the beard has become darker...how come?


I have really good hair for some reason but during week 8 of my first cycle when I’d run my hand through my hair a decent amount would come out…didnt happen on my second cycle… I never really grew facial hair but during my second cycle I started getting thick black facial hair and now it grows super fast and thick…and black. When it came in before it was always orange lol