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Hair or Fiber in Test-E Vial

I purchased a vial of Test-E from a very reputable domestic UGL. The vial contains a hair or fiber about a half inch long. Has anyone ever had this problem? How could it have found its way in there? Would you consider this vial contaminated?

I cannot contact this lab right now as they are on holiday for the next few weeks. I doubt they will be willing to help me out anyhow. I know this is the risk you run when dealing with an UGL. But I am still concered with my health. You can PM me for the name, but any help would be appreciated.

My suggestion would just be to buy a sterile syringe filter. .45um will be fine for oil based solutions. A few UGL depend solely on the solvent to “sterilize” and dont feel its necissary to filter. The fact that there is a hair in your vial means they are one of these labs. Hope this helps. B

Unless your desperate, I would get rid of it. I had a similar situation with a bottle of EQ. I had a couple filters left over from a fina conversion so I tried the filter method.

I ended up getting a really bad staph infection in my quad and almost had to be hospitalized…to make it worse it was 4 weeks out from my next meet and I ended up missing that. I wouldn’t chance it.

I am hoping they will help me out and replace the vial. If they do, they will get nothing but high praises from me for standing by their product. If not then…well…fuck 'em and anyone who looks like 'em. From what I can tell they are a pretty solid UG. We’ll see…thanks for your opinions guys.