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Hair of the Dog


Hahhahaha! Congratulations!


Blockquote Just my opinion but depending on how you’re doing your MP I find front raise to be redundant. I’d do lateral delt raises instead to hit the 3 heads of the shoulder.

Yup, and I felt it too. You’re right, I should’ve inserted a back head raise. Thanks for pointing that out!


I 6/19/18 Log

1.5 Mile walk around the track. Lots of stretching too.

BW lunges, 40 yards x 2
The shoulders are still sore from Sat and Sun workouts so I thought Lunges sounded like fun. And it was fun, very very ugly but a lot of fun.

Haven’t done lunges in about 20 years. Gotta work on my balance point and getting my knee lower to within inches of the track. Beautiful new foamish style track with an artificial turf that’ll be good fun for sprints.

My son and I were just talking about trying to make a tire work here at the house and we just can’t seem to make it work in the ultra suburban house and neighborhood. Low and behold you wouldn’t believe what I found at the new track. Tires, gobs of them in different sizes too. Smallish to extra large. Can’t wait to take the sledgehammer to’em and spend some early mornings moving them some.


Use to have a regular on here, daddyzombie, who lived in a very nice neighbor and scared the hell out of his neighbors using a sledgehammer on tires and carrying rocks in the front yard. Lunges take a while to get the rhythm down.


8/22/18 Log

22 Minutes Stationary Bike

Band Face Pulls

115 x 1 x 10
135 x 2 x 10
155 x 1 x 10
155 x 1 x 8
175 x 1 x 6
175 x 2 x4

Bicep Curls Ezbar
65 x 5 x10

Hex Bar Farmer Walk
100 x 1,000 yards

Took the new hex bar toy out for a spin around the neighborhood. Probably would have only had to rest once had it not been for a friendly neighbors curiosity. He stopped me about 1/4 through and then again in the way back to the garage.

It felt good. While walking I could definitely feel another 50 lbs or so would be easy for the same stroll. Then later I could/can feel I’d used some back muscles that likely don’t get activated along my spine. Doesn’t hurt but I can feel they were activated. We’ll see how it feels tomorrow. Really enjoyed the farmer walk for distance.


Don’t ya hate that when neighbours interrupt your lifting. I could only imagine what my neighbours would say if I was out the front with a sledgehammer and Tyre.


He’s a nice enough guy. He always stops to jabber when he’s out walking his dogs and sees me in the garage working out. He seems to always come into the garage and put his hands on various pieces of equipment I may be using that day.

Yesterday for the first time he talked about a knee issue and needing to do low weighted squats as part of his mobility recovery. So I suggested he consider coming over and using my power cage. He said he’d like to set up a time to come over and workout.

I may, or may not, have a new workout neighbor. We’ll see!


6/24/18 Log

22 Min Stationary Bike

Band Face Pulls

Barbell Rows
235x1x4 (PR)

Kroc Rows
40x1x failure (30 ea side)

Skull Crushers

Beautiful SoCal Sunday, almost a shame to be inside the garage working out, almost. If momma didn’t need to get some stuff done we were gonna go to Laguna and forage for seafood (a new hobby of mine). That would have ended badly though because I can’t hardly ever exit Laguna on a Sunday without stopping in for a drink and a game of pool at the Marine Room. Probably better we didn’t go, lol.

I found these two stones in my front yard. The smaller one is exactly 10 lbs. The larger one is 17.4 lbs. These will be a good start to teach myself how to throw the darn things. I’ve never thrown a shot put or a stone. I’ll walk them down to the sand volleyball court in my community to start throwing them. Hopefully my homeowners association doesn’t have a fit.


I’m posting this pic because I’m hoping to get some helpful advice about my bar. On the very end of the bar you can see an appendage, that appendage is actually a threaded bolt that threads into the bar. Well it fell off during one of my lifts. Nothing alarming, but I know it needs to secure something and I’m unsure as to whether I should tighten it using a wrench or if it is supposed to be secured hand tight?

I reinserted into the bar and tightened it hand tight for now. Anyone know how these bars should be adjusted? Your feedback would be very much appreciated.


Just use an allen wrench (hex key) but don’t over tighten.


Before you star chunkin those stones make sure you do a little research. If you’ve never thrown a shot or stones first thing to remember is you PUT them. If you try and throw them like you do a ball your arm will show you all kind of new places to get injured. Elbows got to be high, behind the implement, and stays close to the face, arm goes straight out. Look on you tube for examples.


Yeah, no, I won’t be chucking the stone like a football.

I’ve been throwing some kettlebells for the heck of it recently but they’re awkward. These stones will be a good projectile replacement.

I have looked at a couple of YouTube instructional videos, but will research more before heading out.


7/2/18 Log
2 mile hike. Carried my 10 lb stone overhead and for grip.

A light easy going stroll is a better description of this evenings hike. I’ve been struggling for the past week with what I think I’ve self diagnosed as a Psoas muscle strain. This strain or pulled series of muscles AKA “Hip Flexors” has wreaked havoc on my lower body. What I find humorous is can’t recall any lift where I actually felt any sort of pain. I have no idea how I injured this muscle. It maybe be a re-injury since I did experience something similar a year ago and I do remember it occurring after a PR dead session. I didn’t workout for a couple of months afterwards.

A Psoas strain or tear is more very uncomfortable than it is excruciatingly painful, although there is a decent level of pain in the front of the hip during certain lower body movements (I’m referring to simple movements like getting up from a chair or couch).

The lower body tends to protect itself thus my hamstrings, calves, and to some extent quads are all sore and crampy from protecting the hip flexors. My wife says I’m waddling through the house like a penguin.

What I’m reading is that recovery is anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks and there’s only suggestions to stretch the Psoas muscle for the 1st several weeks. Afterwards there are some some band exercise suggestions, in addition to bw lunges before getting back to light weighted squats.

The good news in this though is during the last week I couldn’t workout my garage got cleaned, cleared, reorganized, and we know have a nice open carpeted area to focus on stretches, core work, push ups, planks, and I promised the wife some Yoga (theres a move actually called Psoas, who’d a known).


7/4/18 Log
Happy 4th of July

Stretching, more stretching and yet more stretching.

Stationary bike
22 minutes

Stiff legged waist bends
15 minutes

Seated butterflies
10 minutes

Standing lunges
15 minutes

My hamstrings were so tight I couldn’t hardly bend my waist over to reach down towards my feet. By the time I got done my entire lower body felt limber and flexible.

My entire lower body was on fire and finally had to stop when my glutes where twitching uncontrollably. As I write this 10 hours later sitting on my coach my glutes continue to contract.

This was a good start to combating the lower body issues I’ve been experiencing. I’ll continue this stretching adding in the Psoas pose stretch tomorrow. The plan is to also add in some upper body weight work after my lower body stretches.

It’s sucks being so tight it affects simple daily lifestyle tasks needless to say not being able to lift. Don’t like this particular part of midlife affects but I think the programming I’m incorporating should help considerably.


7/7/18 Log

Stationary Bike
22 mins

Standing Stretch
10 minutes

Standing Lunges
Bw 5x5
Bw 5x5 w/10 pause

Seated Butterflies
5x5 toe hold

Push ups (while I was on the floor)
Bw 1x5

Kettlebell Shoulder Press

Barbell Curls

Still having issues with my left hip. Felt great during the light workout and afterwards too. Then late last night sleeping on it sent it into a frenzy of movement pain points. Until then I was planning on a light backsquat session this morning, but that’s shot to shot now.

I guess I’m just gonna need to be patient wit this damn injury. Either that or if in a couple several months it’s not healed I might need to actually see if I have a hip problem.


know how you feel… it will work itself out over time just hang in there.


7/9/18 Log

Stationary Bike
22 minutes

Waist Stretches
10 min

Seated Butterfly Stretches
3x10 toes clasped 15 sec hold

2x10x10 sec hold

Barbell Row

Ez Bar Skull Crushers

Standing Ez Bar tricep Extensions

24 hours no hip pain.


Good to hear… I have a right hip that likes to give me shit from time to time also.


O7/10/18 Log

Stationary Bike
22 min

Standing Waist Bends
10 minutes

Seated Butterfly Stretch
3x3x15 sec hold

Bench Press

I originally planned to do a lot more on the bench but with the first rep of the first set I could feel my left hip announcing itself (just reminding me it’s there) during the preload lower body torque I use in my bench set up. Planned then to dial it back to lower weight higher volume but the ‘ol hip kept reminding me to take it easy so it can heal.

48 hours no hip pain. The volumeous amount of stretching (volumeous for me) seems to be stabilizing the hip and hip flexors. It’s also loosened up and freed my entire lower body from constant tightnes. I’ll continue with this stretching protocl and slowly add in more now that the hips region isn’t screaming with every movement.

I’m starting to recognize why muscle stretch related exercises is so damn important to keeping your body prepared and repaired to lift.


7/11/18 Log

22 min

Waist Stretch
10 min

Barbell Wrist Curl

Barbell Reverse Curl

Wrist Twist (coiled up)

Stone Grip
17x5x10 sec

Ok., really light workout today. Hip felt solid today. 72 hours no pain.

In October while I was at the gym, I’ve since outfitted a home gym, I hurt what I thought was my thumb lifting a 60lb DB doing seated overhead presses. It hurt like a mother but powered through that workout and did my 5x10 set/reps. Since then I’ve had a hard ass time with my wrist. Yesterday I must have tweaked it doing something, I don’t know how, I feel like I barely lifted anything yesterday.

After talking about it with my son and then reaching into Arnold’s encyclopedia it was determined that I should probably spend a lot more focused time on working my forearms.

I know I should have been working this type of accessary work earlier in the year, but I just never got around to it. The combination of a couple of months of healing time and wrist strap to support pushing and pulling kind made me less aware there was still an issue with my “thumb” which many of you know was actually a forearm injury.

I’ve been looking at those Captains of Crunch grip trainers. Anyone have some experience with those devices?