Hair &M1T

Hi Guys!! This regrding a 2 week M-1T course i intend starting but am afraid of the Hair Loss Problems i might encounter ,could i use Finasteride to prevent it and if so what would be the recommended dosage? Also how much of the gains from M-1T usage can i expect to retain,i intend starting a 10 week cycle some time in November, aclear 4 weeks after my M-1T cycle.Would it be a nice idea for using M-1T for 2weeks and another 4 weeks for recovery before a 10 week cycle 0f Eq,D-bol,Test,winny.I just thought using the M-1t might just jump start my mass a bit sefore i go in for the 1- week cycle.Suggestions Please!!!

finasteride, propecia or proscar in canada are all the same product. they are inhibitors of the 5alpha reductase enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. these drugs will only work for test. other strong androgens such as M1T will indeed cause hair loss in those who are predisposed in this way. there are also estrogen and IGF1 issues involved with hair loss.