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Hair Loss

hey all.
im 22 yrs old and have started to notice more and more hair comeing out when i run my fingers or a comb through it. both my maternal grandfather and grandmother had slightly thin hair but didnt seem to have alopicia.

they were both bakers and had flour all in there hair for years on end which is what we always attested to the slightly thinned hair. but now that i started noticieng my own falling out im not so sure. i am taking tribulus and other test boosters. possible dht conversion?

should i start takeing saw palmetto or something else to stop dht conversion.

i may just be being paranoid but id rather be safe than sorry.

thanks all

You might want to check out Nizoral shampoo. It is supposed to block DHT topically. There are previous posts about it if you use the search function.

The drugs that block T–>HDT production, 5-alpha reductase blockers, such as Finasteride may work, but may not be an option for long term use as a side effect can be a loss or reduction of libido. Something to be aware of. There are more potent shampoo’s as well.

Don’t worry that your hair is falling out because you see it in your combs and stuff. I worried like that at your age and my doc said the average person loses between 50-100 hairs a day, and if your hair is thinning its not just gonna jump ship in you comb, it just won’t grow.

But your gonna need to block the testosterone that causes it. Proven medical ways are medicines like Propecia, which is difficult to afford cause insurance won’t cover it. My advice is to inquire to your doctor about a prescription to “Proscar”. Its a medicine used to treat prostate cancer with the side effect of blocking hair-falling-out protein, and its covered under insurance.

I have a full head of hair, but am worried that taking T or Winny will start hair loss at age 36. I am under the impression that you are either genetically pre-disposed to male pattern baldness or you are not.

Has anyone lost a full head of hair after their 30’s due to T alone?

ive always been a fan of trying the natural methods before i look into the drugs.

anyone had any luck with saw palmetto?