hair loss

hey guys, I have read that mag 10 is supposed to be “mild on the hair” what does that mean? Has anybody had hair loss as a side effect from using mag 10? Anybody had this side effect from using 4-AD? I am going to do the growth surge project and dont want to lose any hair. Since Im not going to be on for that long would that make any difference?

You won’t lose any hair unless you’re prone to MPB. Even if you are prone to MPB you probably wouldn’t lose anything following dosages on the label.

If you want to get crazy with dosages and are prone to MPB get a topical anti-androgen.

How would you know if you are prone to MPB?

FYI: I tried a product called Revivogen. Topical anti-DHT serum. I’ll use it staring one week before MAG-10. I doubt MAG-10 for 2 weeks will do much harm at all.

MPB usually runs in the family, so if no one in your clan has it, then you almost certainly won’t.

Failing that, look for thinning hair that starts as a ‘swirl’ on the crown of your head, and expands slowly as your hairline recedes. My MPB started kicking in about 4 years ago and is now ‘obvious’ even though I don’t have any pure bald spot yet. And God made me short too, just to make sure everyone gets a good look. Short. Balding. Dammit!

I figure I have a few years before I need to visit a Hair Club for Men type place. By then, I’m hoping for a cure-all. Yeah, right. Until then, first dates call for those keratin fiber concealers. Yeah, the one that Shallow Hal’s buddy used from a shaker can. Those fibers. Fuck it, they work. Cheap, too!

Growing old sucks!

Be a man! Shave your damn head!


I’d shave it all off it not for the fact that I’d look like a bald rat that can walk on his legs.

Of course, it may very well come to that in 5 years or so. Sob!