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hair loss

can anyone recomend me to a great expert doctor on loosing hair in the L.A. area,
thanks a million

Paul McAndrews. He does hair transplants but also prescribes Propecia, Minoxidil, etc. Don’t worry, he will not try to talk you into a hair transplant, he is not into high pressure for anything. I believe he is also a weight trainer…? You could call his office and ask if he is the guy to see, or if they can recommend someone else (tell them on the phone you are not calling to find out about transplants).

You could also try Dr. Richard Lee, he formulates his own mixes of Minoxidil, Spironolactone etc. Dr. Lee’s website is minoxidil.com. Dr. McAndrews’ website is hairgrowthdoctor.com

Fuck it! Have some self-esteem about you. be bald be beautiful and fuck those ads that make you feel out “out of the loop” unless you have a full head of hair. Never slowed me down. Hell, grass does’nt grow on a busy highway!!!