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Hair Loss

I was going to do a cycle of Winstrol and Finasol and was wondering if this would damamge my hair line. I’ve had problems with Test. hurting my hair line. I’ve just aquirred some proscar and rogaine. Do you think I’ll be okay and at what dose?

finasol did a number on my hairline. i’m going to use nizoral next time and see if it helps.

dawg, were you using 2on/4off? Did you notice hair loss with just one cycle? Also, were you already receding prior to the finasol use?

It would be nice if you could get some primo to go with the winny.

I’ve done two cycles in my life one ten week sust and deca combo& d-bol,deca combo for six weeks. Been off for 6 months but it hurt my hair. I have the genetics for receding hairline. I will no longer do long cycles 3 week max I think is best. Where you using proscar when you said that finasol hurt your hairline? I haven’t tried my winstrol&finasol combo yet. I can’t afford primo I can only get it for 15 an amp.