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Hair Loss With Powerfull


I lose hair if taking any anabolics so I don't take them anymore. I started on usp labs Powerfull supplementing with nettle root to optimize my naturally low testosterone levels. Within a month, I have had massive hair loss, scary.

However, I do not have any real signs of supra physiological testosterone levels like increased erections nor more acne. I have been on propecia for years and also use rogaine and have a ful head of hair.

So, this sudden massive shed is really concerning to me. It's become visible. The hair loss coincided with taking these supplements. Anyone else have had this experience using these supplemnents?


Hmmm…not sure about this, but what else have you been taking?

There may be an ingredient in your supps that is blocking the propecia. The propecia itself sends the testosterone to your hair (is this why you have tested low for testosterone and are taking nettle root?)

However, I have taken propecia off and on for several years, and have not noticed less hair even when I haven’t taken it for 5 months. Some do build a checmial dependence on it, and will start shedding what they gained if the propecia is discontinued.

That’s as much as I can guess.


[quote]betterman wrote:

There may be an ingredient in your supps that is blocking the propecia. The propecia itself sends the testosterone to your hair (is this why you have tested low for testosterone and are taking nettle root?)


If I may interject here, what did you mean by saying propecia "sends the testosterone to your hair " ? Propecia is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, simply preventing 5-AR from binding to testosterone and reducing it to DHT. If anything, due to less test being reduced to DHT, testosterone levels while on propecia are often higher than when not on propecia.

To the OP…I would suspect something in the Powerfull may be the culprit as well, and since you aren’t noticing signs of increased testosterone, I am thinking that perhaps this supplement may contain some sort of prohormone related to or a precursor to Nandrolone which if I remember correctly will drastically enhance hair loss for those on propecia, unless…I don’t remember correctly.

I would discontinue use of the stuff regardless.


Hey Damage…obviously it doesn’t send the actual testosterone to your hair! But part of the testosterone that could go to muscle-building goes to growing out your hair.

If you read the booklet that comes with the medicine, you will see that one of it’s better known yet rare side-effects is impotence, less production of semen, etc. I’m not sure of the acting mechanism here, but it’s something my doctor told me about.


Nandrolone precursor in Powerfull? That’s something I have never heard of. Where did you read this? I have taken nandrolone in the past several times and I always noticed the following: water retention, acne, and also increased erections which others usually do not report (to the contrary of what others report with Nandrolone that being “Deca Dick”). I have not noticed these effects with Powerfull. What I can say about the product that it defintitely does work and I feel a better state of mind when I’m on it. But, USP labs more promote its GH releasing effects.
I haven’t experienced this much hair loss even with genuine anabolics. It’s very strange.

Anyway, today I did a full hormonal work up to check out my DHT levels, testosterone levess, TSH and T4 T3. If the product does contain nandrolone, my testosterone level should be way low, more than usuall due to negative feedback. So, we’ll see.

Stopping the product will be very difficult for me. As a suffer of low testosterone due to previous steroid use, Powerfull has been a very effective in helping me be in a better state of mind.


I should have clarified that I have not seen anything stating Powerfull contains any prohormones or steroid precursors, but its not out of the question for those things to be found in supplements even if they arent on the label…its happened in the past. However, my idea was pure conjecture based on what I had read about your situation.

If you’re experiencing greater state of well being, then obviously something is going on - and if you’re not experiencing signs of depressed endogenous testosterone production, then its most likely not ocurring.

Its really hard to say whats going on here - its not just DHT which is hard on the hairline, as really all of the reduced metabolites of testosterone, and even testosterone itself to an extent, can be associated with hair loss.

I would still think some sort of hormonal flux is going on that is responsible for this, and its most likely caused by something in the supplements you’re taking - I’m definitely interested to see the results of your tests.

Keep us informed!

And betterman…No, I don’t believe that the “extra” testosterone helps your hair grow - like I mentioned earlier, to my knowledge testosterone itself can be hard on the hairline especially those who, genetically, are prone and have hair follicles sensitive to the effects of androgens. The hair regrowth which can occur while on propecia is due to the reduced effects of DHT on the hair follicle, unless I’m mistaken.


I’m 22 and my front hairline on the sides has been going back for a few years now, its getting worse and worse…

Should I get on propecia? Or another drug? Will these drop my T levels?


Finasteride can cause sexual side effects because it reduces DHT which largely responsible for libido. No muscle building testosterone is diverted anywhere, it just doesn’t convert to DHT.


When I get my blood test results back, I’ll definitely let people know what’s up. Especially because no one has posted blood tests on this product before. But to lose so much hair in so little time (a month) points to a internal metabolic process that’s would have little to do with DHT. It just doesn’t work that way.

The only other thing that I can think of is that I just restarted rogaine again and this drug causes hair follicles in tellogen (sp) phase to fall out and restart over again. This is a well known process with rogaine. I have already noticed lots of little hairs popping up. But, the shed has been so severe that it was unreal.

Regardless, for me, propecia and rogaine has been an excellent combination to keep a full head of hair. For those who want to try these, give them 6-12 months for full effect, especially propecia. But, don’t get propecia. Buy proscar which as 5X the amount of drug and can be covered by your insurance under the Dx= BPH. You can divide the pill into 4 portions and save money.


Do you buy proscar/propecia because you’re losing hair in the back/top of your head or your front hairline? I know different drugs are for different balding so I’d like to know. Thanks


Finasteride (propecia 1mg, Proscar 5mg) has shown more efficacy in the crown and top of head, less so for the front temporal areas. However, combined with minoxidil (rogaine) I had response on complete regions of the scalp. I was a lucky responder. The important thing is to give them time to work. Also, I forgot to mention Nizoral shampoo which has anti DHT activity on the scalp.


Total testosterone came back at 351. There can’t be any hormones in this product as there is no feedback inhibition on my natural testosterone level. That’s where I am usually.

Which makes me wonder about the USP lab’s claim that powerfull increases natural test levels. I don’t think it does. As for the hair loss, i’m just not sure what’s going on.