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Hair Loss While Taking Testosterone

I have been using testosterone for a year now. Mostly TRT with a couple blast of 500mg a week of test for about 12 weeks.
So I’ve notice my hair line is going back. Making a widows peak. So I have gotten regular blood test measuring DHT, E2, Test, etc. and all of my levels come back normal. Other then test it’s obviously higher when blasting but DHT stays the same. E2 has been a little bit up and down but for the most part normal. What could cause hair loss? Is just using testosterone the problem? I always thought it was DHT but mine is normal. Any thoughts on this topic? If you have had an experiences I’d like to hear those also.
Thanks guys

What part of you head is the hair coming from? Take few pieces and use your phone flashlight to see if there’s a “white tip” on the end. I’ve been on TRT for years and never lost a hair then last August or of no where I was losing 100+ strands a day in the shower alone. I have amazing hair so it freaked me out. Turns out it was just stress from moving across the country, giving up my whole life and starting over from scratch (aka stress). I stopped shedding in December. Now no hair comes out.

How old are you?

Thank you for responding man. I will do that. I don’t feel like I have a stressful life. I mean it has its ups and down for sure. Nothing like when I was going to college full time working full time and had a POS girlfriend. But stress is possible

I’m 26.