Hair Loss Side Effects

Christ… 200mg a week? Have you had your DHT checked? T converts to DHT and hence your hair loss.

I have a picture of me when I was on 150mg a week and you can see my scalp through my hair and I don’t have male pattern baldness.

Like the others, I don’t recommend an alpha 5 reductase inhibitor. Instead lower your T dosage to 75mg a week and watch your hair fill out nicely.

Issue has been resolved. Think I had an initial shed when I first jumped on. Noticed now shedding has gone down and halted once implementing ketoconazole and minox

You should really be taking Topical Dutasteride to avoid miniaturization and CB-3-01 to block T itself at follicular level

Minoxidil will not do anything for that

How is it going these days?