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Hair Loss/Sebumitis and Fat Burners?



            Ok, i know that alot of us here have suffered hairloss, for natural or unnatural reasons. But Does anyone know the mechanism for why fat burners seem to cause hairloss. im 26 and i started using them when i was 18. stopped them for a few years and got back on. i was addicted to the training buzz and how they stripped off fat. but i know there is alot of you whove probably done the same thing.

my question is how the hell do things like hydroxycut and ripped feul cause this? my dermatologist says he thinks its mpb, but i know there are things like sebumatic dermatitis, which i thought i might have had due to all the sebum and dandruff i get.

i also know fat burners are liked with norepinephrine( not how you spell i know) and ive read somewhere that that makes you loose hair. could it be due to the toxins these products produce? i hope someone knows about this. any input would be much appreciated.


If norepi made you lose hair we'd all be pretty goddamn bald.

I'm going to ask you to google what norepi is.


googled it, i knew it interacted with receptors of some form. i had a vague idea, i just read somewhere that it cause hairloss, but i guess i was wrong.
fat burners seem to all the same


What makes you think fat burners cause hair loss? The main culprit for hair loss is genetics. Start with Finasteride and Rogaine.


Fat burners don't cause baldness. Do you take creatine?


i did for quite a while , about 2-3 years straight , why does that cause hairloss?


Neither fat burners nor creatine have anything to do with Male Pattern Baldness. Your hair's androgen receptors are sensitive to DHT, which is genetic.


well ive read and talked to ppl who have experienced shredding hair from hydroxycut,
maybe it is just dht , but there might be something to it, is all im suggesting.
i just wanted to know if anyone else had this experience


I don't beleive hydroxycut had anything to do with it.


A 2009 double blind study showed a 56% increase in DHT levels during the creatine loading period and 40% during maintenance which could exacerbate hairloss.


Did it explain a mechanism for it? Because otherwise it sounds like horseshit, I can't see any way that creatine supplementation should affect DHT, we're talking hormones and proteins, here.

And OP, Norepinephrine is an extremely prevalent neurotransmitter, which really has nothing to do with hair loss. As someone else mentioned it has to do with DHT receptors (which are in several locations, one of them being the scalp, which is why you don't necessarily bald EVERYWHERE).


They don't know the exact mechanism, but proteins can certainly affect hormones. In fact, peptide-hormones like insulin ARE proteins. Prolactin, for instance, is a peptide hormone, but it helps regulate glucocorticoids which are steroids.