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Hair Loss Rating of Several Compounds?

Could you rate these roids in terms of hair loss safety from your own experience mates? from 1 been the most dangerous to 6 been the least: winnie, test, dbol, primo, deca, var. thanks :muscle:

  1. Winstrol
    1a. Primo
    1b. Var
  2. Dbol
  3. Test
  4. Nandrolone
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thanks bro :muscle:

Pretty good example of how AAS ratios don’t play out in real life.

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Do you know how they determine those? It’s based on a formula and extrapolated by the effect on a specific kind of mouse. They’re not even really useful for anything outside of an academic discussion of what a compound should do in theory, assuming a normalized response among all users. It’s wild ho they became such a foundational part of putting together cycles when in reality there are like 9,000 other things that are more important.

Agree. Mouse study. Looked at prostrate for androgenic ratings and quad development for anabolic. Lots of things to be desired with the study.