Hair Loss Question

I recently did my first cycle, a two weeker of Anadrol and Winstrol. I did not experience any hair loss during the time I was on, but now it is 6 days later and I am noticing a small amount of hair loss.

I would have guessed that if the Anadrol or Winstrol was causing my hair loss then it would have happened while I was on. I did read that after a short oral cycle that testosterone may actually be temporarily higher, do you think that this could cause hair loss? Or could it be the Anadrol or Winstrol and the effect is slightly delayed?

2 weeks ?

Why so short ?

a majority of users get some very mild shedding during their PCT due to rapid hormone fluctuations

Id recommend Nizoral its an OTC, half strength version of prescription hair loss shampoo.

aka its 1% active, instead of 2% Ketconazole.

You can get the stuff at Wal-Mart.

I use it during my PCT just because I can.

I doubt the anadrol is causing any hair loss if you only used for 2 weeks and you’ve been off for almost a week.

Its your own hormone system trying to rebound, which shouldn’t take long with a 2 week oral cycle like this.

In the future run a longer cycle with a PCT, short cycles don’t accomplish much.

Thanks for the response. The hair loss is very minor, but I was trying to figure out what caused it so I can be more proactive during my next cycle.

I will start a different post on my cycle in another week or two, but I found it to be very successful so far. I gained 13.5 pounds in 12 days while on, and a week later I am still up 11.5 pounds.