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hair loss products


where do you guys get your hair loss products such as finasteride, azelac acid, and topical spiro?

pm me with the details please.


Call Cy Sperling at the Hair Club for Men. He'll fix up that receding hair line for ya P-DOG.



you homos just go around looking like dr. phil or what?


just ask your doctor. I dont use any of those products, my hair fortunately stays put.


avoids, lmao!

and hes not just the owner either.


anyone know what a box of proscar will run you in TJ?


sorry i cant help bro. i have done zero research on the matter as i have absolutely no predisposition to hair loss and have experienced none. maybe you could just comb your thick ass hair up and over the top of your bald head. : )hell if nothing else just shave it. chicks dig it. i keep mine military cut. the chicks love to dry hump my head.


thanks bro. i keep my hair real short so it isnt very noticable.

i was considering shaving my ass and gluing it to my temples however.