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Hair Loss on TRT

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long post in advance, I’m a little frazzled.

I’ve been on testosterone replacement for pituitary hypogonadism and significantly elevated SHBG (my livers got its own issues) for about 8 months now and it’s changed my entire outlook on life and lifted me out of a very very dark place but due to the severe restrictions on prescribing and accessing it here in Aus I was switched from Test E (Bayer stopped importing it to here) to Sustanon 250 on the same dosage with my testosterone levels going up from 30nmol/L to 70nmol/L over time I assume due to the longer acting esters in the Sustanon building up in my body with the same injection frequency as the Test E. As soon as I was notified of this the sustanon ran out here too so I missed ~3 injections and have now just received compounded Test E and done my first injection 2 days ago.

I was warned about infertility which didn’t concern me but no one told me about hair loss and I’ve just thought I just had very bad dandruff that wouldn’t go away. I started topical finasteride (I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk the side effects of taking it orally, my neurochemistry apparently isn’t typical and I’ve reacted very very badly to a few things like SSRI’s and Cabergoline in the past) combined with minoxidil a few weeks ago as well as nizoral every night and it’s cleared it up completely itchiness wise but my hair was already naturally thin before the testosterone and I’m terrified. I absolutely cannot lose my hair at 21 I’ll end up worse off mentally than when I started the treatment. My hair didn’t fall out and I had no DHT itch with the Test E but I’m not sure if that was because I hadn’t been on it long enough yet and the 30nmol/L test level would also make it fall out now. Today my hair is falling out in spades, moreso than usual despite my efforts after having done the injection 2 days ago.

Does anyone here have experience with hair loss on TRT? I’m contemplating just cutting my losses and trying to bring some semblance of natural production back with HCG then stopping the Test even though it’s quite literally changed my life around I couldn’t even speak to a cashier prior to this without becoming a nervous wreck and breaking down at the supermarket and I know it sounds shallow but my hair almost means more to me than any of that and I can’t afford to lose it especially this young.

Any kind of advice or help is greatly appreciated I’m so lost right now I’ve been on this medical merry go round for so long having doctors lie to my face about results (doc told me not to bother with an MRI but I went through anyway and prolactinoma was found but they told me nothing came up and refused to release the original report until another Endo phoned the imaging place and had them read it out to him clearly stating they had found a prolactinoma right side pituitary) or just tell me it’s all in my head I don’t know what to do or who to trust anymore. I really want to just know if any of you have managed to bring your hair back after this, what I’ve read isn’t promising and the fact that it’s still falling out even more rapidly now makes me worry more although it could be from the minoxidil/finasteride however it’s markedly different compared to two days ago before the injection whilst using them both for the past few weeks.

Here’s my dosing etc for the Sustanon and now the new Test E:

Original Test E:
0.25ml twice a week
Test = 30nmol/L

0.25ml twice a week
Test = 70nmol/L

New Test E:
0.2ml twice a week.
250IU HCG day before injections.
0.25mg Anastrozole day after injections.

The dose is decreased slightly because of the HCG introducing some of it’s own natural Test production hopefully, at least that’s what I’m told. The anastrozole was for a slightly high estrogen at the same time as the 70nmol/L so I’m not sure if I’ll need it in future provided test plevels come back down.

If anything I’ve said in here is complete shite please call me out on it I’ve been told so many different things by different people and doctors I don’t know who’s right anymore.

Thank you so much for reading my sob story if you managed to get this far.

Best Wishes, Calvin.

Basically if you are genetically predisposed to it then there isn’t much you can do. TRT will however speed up the process.

You have to choose between living an optimal life being physically fit, confident, strong healthy heart or low testosterone and a lower quality life, mentally unsound and a full head of hair.

You can slow down this process of losing hair, but you cannot stop it.

He needs to just shave his head and get over it. I have long hair that i have been growing for like 4 years and it would go long before i even thought about altering my dose nevermind stopping TRT.

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If your body was producing T you would of had this hair loss occurring regardless.

It is not trt causing it. It Is genetics. You can try to block DHT but then that hormone is a huge reason for libido and mood. Lower it and expect decreasss in those areas. Might even convert more to e2 if less is converting to DHT.

Maybe acceptance is the key here.

My testosterone originally wasn’t remarkably low:

Total: 15nmol/L (11.5-32)
Free: hovered around 250-300 with lab ranges being 260-740
SHBG was high I assume accounting for the lower free testosterone.

Do you think if I was able to perform a restart for my testicles and hopefully get back to the original levels before trt that HCG alone would be enough to stimulate them to make that little bit extra?

I’m not looking for max testo values and I exercise but I’m not a gym junkie or anything. I would probably be more ok with the thinking hair if the testo had made me remarkably more /masculine/ yet but it hasn’t I still look like a very soft 12 year old, no facial hair or anything really so going bald would definitely not be a good look.

I’ve just received another set of labs from a recent blood test uploaded here: https://imgur.com/a/e9qITh8
Keep in mind these are all on the same dose of sustanon all done the day after an injection with the only difference between the 70nmol/L and the most recent result being the addition of 0.25mg Anastrozole twice a week and 250IU HCG twice a week. Not sure why it spiked up to 70 and then came back down after not really changing anything? I haven’t had bloods yet since starting the Test E again but I have them ready to go in a few weeks when things stabilize I’m just trying to figure out what I should do from now on. GP wants me to lower my dose too and says 30 is too high but they were always against the trt in the first place. I definitely want to either lower my dose and see how I feel/how my hair reacts hopefully getting my free T stabilized at ~500-600 but I’m not sure whether I should try and achieve this through my current HCG Test E and Anastrozole and just lower the Test E or whether I should try a reset and just the HCG to see if it by itself will raise it enough (one medication is just a lot less confusing for me than managing multiple seeing as I’ve got a multitude of other health problems too).

This is all just speculation on my part so I’m not sure I’d even be able to perform a reset or raise my levels subsequently enough. Is it possible to restore testicular function with just HCG? I’ve heard a lot of talk about clomid/nolvadex as well on here but it’s pretty confusing and everyone seems to have differing opinions. My LH and FSH were both very close to borderline low lab ranges before trt as well if that’s relevant :slight_smile:.

Your SHBG is more than likely being suppressed by TRT increasing your free testosterone which is why you feel so amazing, if you stop TRT, SHBG will again increase lowering your free testosterone and there’s little you can do to manipulate it without TRT. SHBG from low normal to high normal can affect free testosterone by 50%, you’ll never be able more than double your testosterone naturally.

Low LH indicates a disease, unless you cure the disease…

You’re welcome to try to do a restart, but you will fail like all others before you who were in your shoes. Using HCG will see SHBG increase since it would be natural testosterone, TRT hits the symptoms differently than naturally produced testosterone which is why it works so well to suppress SHBG.

Listen to everyone here, we have been through this before with countless other men trying to fight what they can’t control, you need to accept the hand you have been dealt.