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Hair Loss on Tamoxifen

Hello everyone,

Since my early teenages, I’ve suffered from gyno.
When I was 19 I visited an endo cause I was suspecting hormonal problems (ended up being psychological) but she ended up prescribing me letrozole and afterward tamoxifen to deal with my gyno.
I was very skeptical about it since I read that only time can treat pubertal gyno, but it did indeed improve a lot.
The problem is since I started the Tamoxifen around 3-4 months ago, I started losing lots of hair and now it is very visible.
She said I can use minoxidil to treat the hair loss. I bought it but did not use it yet.
My question is: Will my hair grow back by itself after I finish my treatment with tamoxifen? If so I would probably just wait until I finish the treatment, I only got around 2 months left to go.

She said tamoxifen causes hair loss because it raises bio-available test? So when the bio-available test normalizes after stopping tamoxifen will get back to normal?

Thank you!

PS: This has nothing to do with bodybuilding, but I believe you have better knowledge about the hormonal system than the average doctor out there.

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Anything that can interfere with normal hormonal function has the ability to cause things like hair loss, acne, etc. Hair loss due to normal stuff is a little trickier to nail down as far as what comes back and what doesn’t. There are people who had a full head of hair, went through chemo, lost it, then once in remission they grew it all back. So that tells us that hair loss caused by non-hormonal, non-genetic externalities can be reversed. But with your situation…who knows? You can look into Ralox, which is also a SERM and is effective on gyno. I don’t know if it’ll be better for your hairline, but it’s worth looking in to.

But yeah, in my case my hair loss is because of the interference of the normal hormonal function through tamoxifen. So when I finish my gyno treatment my hair will get back to growing as usual?