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Hair Loss on Sust/MastE/EQ Cycle. Help?


I have done a few newbie cycles with really no issues.

I have stacked Sust/Tren/Deca and had no issues.

Once that cycle was complete I continued on 500mg Sust weekly for quite some time.

I wanted to try something new so my new cycle I picked was Sust/MastE/EQ 500/100/100 ML per week.

After about 3 weeks of that my hair started falling out at an amazing rate; after doing some reading my understanding was that Mast was the culprit. So I dropped it, and continued SUST/EQ 500/200 it’s now been 3 weeks since my last stick, and my hair is still falling out.

My idea was that when the Mast is out of my
System the hair would stop falling out When will the mast E be out of my system? Is that what was causing it? Everything I read said EQ has little to no effect on hairloss, but I’m concerned cause it’s been 3 weeks and it doesn’t seem like the hair loss is slowing down.

I’ve started Rogaine, and Biotin shampoo and pills to try and slow it… was going to do Finna, but don’t wanna risk the limp dick sides.

Any information or anyone that went through this I would appreciate it —- I am wondering what to expect? Am I going to lose all the hair? I can’t even run my fingers through it without seeing 8-10 hairs in my hand.

No history of MPB in my family
No hair-loss prior to this

Just wondering if there is anyone who dealt with this and has an idea how long it takes for the mast E to be out of the system? Or am I going to lose all the hair that was effected?

If it’s not the mast E what else’s could it be?


How much shedding are we talking here? Because the mast was obviously the culprit, as you identified, but there could be some continued effects as it clears your system and things get back to “normal” (though taking test and EQ doesn’t qualify as normal, but you know what I mean). Is the shedding just as bad now as it was three weeks ago?


Thanks for reply.

It seems to not be letting up - if I wash my hair - anywhere from 20-40 hairs end up in the bathtub after it drains, I couldn’t tell in the shower so I bathed once to see. (I counted)

If I run my hands through my hair, to put product in, or just in general, anywhere from 8-15 hairs are stuck to my hands afterwards sometimes less sometimes more.

It doesn’t seem to be letting up. It’s only been 3 weeks since my last mast E shot… but I thought by now it would of slowed down.

Do you use Nizoral or a generic ketoconizole shampoo? That helped me when I was on Anavar.

If you don’t have mpb in your genetics then it’s unlikely that you will continue to shed and permanently lose that hair. You already stopped using the most dangerous drug for your hair, so I think if you give it some time you’ll get back to normal. It’s also possible that you’re just noticing it more because you were on something that had a known side effect. Sometimes we see but do not observe until forced to.