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Hair Loss Help - Advice

So here’s the thing. I like having hair. I’m kinda used to it, and I’m not looking forward to shaving my head consistently just yet. Im only 22 and even though my case is by no means serious I would prefer it not get any worse.

At any rate I’ve noticed receding above the temples, not really on the top-middle or top-back (knock on wood). I’ve looked into things a little bit lately, including some general advice I heard on here from TC a long time ago about finasteride (Propecia). It seems Propecia is not shown to be “scientifically effective” on hair loss at the temples.

Anyway I’m just wanting to see if any of you other forumites use finasteride or any other product/prescription that you have noticed made a difference with that type of hair loss.

Thanks in advance.


same here, mine is thinning too and receded at the temples and I am only 21. Please contribute something to this thread I beg I beg!!

Me three- 22 and thinning at the temples. Any advice would help!



im 24 and noticed the same problem at around 21 yrs old. I take proscar and cut the tablet into 4 pieces – much cheaper.

I also use spironolactone which i bought of a website www.minoxidil.com

it looks like a cheap web page, but it has some interesting articles

Male pattern baldness may be linked to insulin resistance. From my experience of seeing my dad go bald before he became diabetic and then seeing him change his diet and keep the rest of his hair I believe this theory holds some wieght.

Follow Berardi’s advice and keep your hair! Control your insulin levels.

Here’s an article to get you guys started…

I drink a lot of monster energy drinks do you guys think that could have something to do with it due to all the sugar? If so, is there anyway I can stop drinking those and somehow regain the hair that I have lost?

where was your hair thinning and has it grown back with the use of proscar and that other thing?

Prepare for:
a) a bunch of people calling you “effeminate” for wanting to keep your hair
b) a bunch of people telling you you’re not “hardcore” if you don’t shave your head
c) a bunch of people telling you that you’re wasting money on proscar/propecia

Personally, I buy proscar and cut it into four pieces. Seems to help, but merc says that finasteride really isn’t designed to curtail hairloss at the temples or hairline. Same thing with minoxodil. I take it anyway, with the hope that it’ll pay off in the long run. Good luck.

nephorm I could give 2 shits what anyone says I want my fuckin hair back.

I’ve been shaving my head for about 2 yrs now and have noticed that the hair loss has stopped.

I’ve been taking procar for about 4-5 yrs now, every day – I can’t say for certain that it works, but just taking it puts me at rest.

Don’t know how safe it is in the long run. I just like being the guy that shaves his head because he “wants” too, not because he “has” too.

I know you’ve already said you don’t want to hear it, but I would personally shave my head if I started losing my hair. This isn’t to be “hardcore”, I just believe it will look better than thinning hair looks. Luckily, there is no baldness on my mothers side of the family, so I think I’m safe.