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Hair Loss From Test Only Cycle

Anyone else notice hair thinning from a test only cycle? Ive got a shit load less then I had before my last cycle :sweat_smile:

Genetic predisposition, large amount of activity within AR in hair follicles = hair loss. My genetics make it very unlikely I’ll lose my hair (neither grandfather on either side lost theirs), although I am hairy as fuck so ya never know. You can take a 5a reductase inhibitor however blocking conversion pathways to DHT is a bad idea as many metabolites of DHT have vital neurosteroid activity. If hair is that important to you… I hear hair transplants are effective…

Today I was walking around the beach area without a shirt on because I’m in QLD on vacation, and some morbidly obese chick (actually a group) says “hey mate, get some fucken clothes on will ya, no one wants to see ya hairy body”… wtf ms ms, mind you’re own fucking business and let me walk around lol.


I’m not overly concerned about it, only really seemed to happen towards the end of the cycle.

Oh nice, I live in QLD. Morbidly obese is normal around here haha

Yes my hair has thinned significantly on the head and sprouted everywhere else. Ugh…


Iv noticed fat people always have some slick shit to say anout other peoples bodies. I think it’s a mental thing. Put others down to make themselves feel better.


I think we need to see this 18 year old, very hairy body. (just for science of course) :joy:

If you prone yes TEST will cause thinning/hair loss. I lose hair on even low doses like 100-150mgs a week.

How much test are you taking?
I did 800mg/week on my first cycle. I saw a reflection of myself at the end of the cycle and thought who is that hair thinning mutha fucker before me.
Luckily I regrow most of my hair when off cycle, but it made me think large cycles of test are not the best choice for me. I went down to a protocol of test 200mg/wk, around 400mg of EQ. You could try some other less androgenic compound like Deca which has a different set of potential side effects like deca dick.

Unreal, in a side note, I enquired with my pharmacist about the availability of Deca in Australia.
She told me it has been discontinued. I find it hard to believe, as it still must have genuine clinical applications, and also due to its lower androgenicity especially for females. Have you heard anything similar?

Is has been discontinued here despite various medical ailments (typically involving muscle wasting) potentially requiring anabolic therapy. Now for muscle wasting, without injectable testosterone the only anabolic therapies that remain available are transdermal testosterone (yea… Right lol) other forms of test (females???), HGH (expensive)… progesterone (stimulates mostly gains in fat mass, not muscle)… Medicine is a bit backwards here.

That being said, import permits can be granted for medical cases in which the medicine a patient requires is unavailable. There’s also compounding pharmacies, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few that do deca, you’d just have to ask around.

I was only on 600mg pw. I to was thinking of just running lower dosage test then eq on top for my next cycle. How did it work for you?

Here, Dr Sir has been training me, so I’ve gained a good bit of size. His training workouts are fucking killer, as are his dietary modifications. But you get the jist of the hairy situation. Photos don’t quite do justice as I have fuzz just about everywhere like my feet, shoulders, back, traps, neck, arms (both upper and lower), toes, fingers etc.

I also have the ability to grow a full beard if I don’t shave for a few weeks, but I shave every few days as its required by school and last time the principal made me go shave in the bathroom and I cut up my face real bad because I don’t know how to shave properly without a special razor because I was never taught…

Prior to becoming hypogonadal I actually had precocious puberty (very strange) first time I shaved I was 12. When I had low T though my facial hair almost entirely ceased to grow, was very odd.

The dark patch across my stomach is because the hair is so dense and thick there you literally can’t see the middle of my stomach

Here’s the outline of my leg, I have some of the hairest (upper and lower) legs I’ve ever known to man

I’m showing this in confidence btw, so snarky comments aren’t entirely appreciated though I’d understand if they were made… Because it is actually quite unappeling and do get a lot of shit for it at school.

On the plus side in bars I NEVER get asked for ID haha. I go to bars on occasion to have a beer with friends sometimes (usually a pint or two, not enough to do anything as my alcohol tolerance is absurd, but the atmosphere is nice, I play pool etc), if they have pinball I’ll play pinball.

I have a full, thick head of hair though, and based on my genetics it’s unlikely I’ll lose my hair as previous mentioned


Also my father is quite hairy (but wasn’t hairy at my age and I’m hairer than him) but it certainly comes from him as he is much hairier than most adults I know. He’s also a good 3-4 inches taller than me lolz

I do keep my face and… Some other regions relatively clean shaven though (one due to school, other due to societal expectations)

200 test, 375 EQ/ wk is my favourite cycle. It seems to be the sweet spot for me. Definitely less hair loss than all testosterone. I really like this cycle, run for 16weeks. EQ is good for slow at first, but long lasting gains.

I’ve seen worse. Have you got one of those electric body shavers? You can strategically shave the delts and back.

I’m pretty damn hairy as well. The chest leg and arm hair doesn’t bother me but the shoulder and back hair annoys the hell out of me. In the winter I let it grow into a lustrous shag carpet. In the summer my wife’s shaves my back lol iv tried the Nair for men but it’s hard on the skin.

Dont worry man. Some girl out there is gonna love her teddy bear. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What about just keeping it clipped at about 1/4 inch year round?

Which part are we talking? My legs, stomach, arms?

All of the above. Just dedicate a certain night of the week to doing a trim, then hop in the shower after and you’re good to go. A 1/4" is still long enough to see. Try 1/2" clipper guard at first if your nervous and then work your way down if you want

what dose are you on?

is this typical?