Hair Loss from Steroids

Has anyone lost hair due to taking steroids? (Did it happen to you personally, or was it a friend, or someone on another forum?) How likely is this to happen on a moderate test+tren cycle? If hair starts falling out, is it too late to add some Propecia to the cycle? Thanks.

Yes, it still takes years, just not as many as it would have taken if you left your DHT alone.

You can add it, but i believe you wouldnt want to with tren… or is that just deca? Anyone?

If you are predisposed to male pattern baldness chances are you will lose some hair.

There is certain gear that i wont use because I lose hair like crazy. D-bol, Tren, winstrol. D-bol is the worst for me.

Winny thinned out my hair big time…Ive ran tren several times and have had no probs.

Dumb question… Will test only cycles cause any issues? Say… 500-600 mg a week?

if your are predisposed to male pattern baldness then most likely it will cause an issue . Just buy some proscar or propecia and run it in conjunction with your cycle .


Can the propecia or proscar reverse it and is rogaine any good?

Proscar is good for preventing and thickening your hair a little bit but it wont grow it back, once its gone its gone. I wont take proscar without masteron though, because it kills my muscle hardness.

Test kills my hairline.

i may be mixing up my facts but i think what procepia does is block the conversion of test to DHT…so I don’t know if it does much good if you are injecting a bunch of DHT based steroids.

tren is not a DHT but is thought to act directly on the receptor like a DHT…it’s effect on hairloss is not fully understood though so it may be some other cause. it may also have something to do with the reason some people lose a lot of hair from DHT based gear but not tren…

i designed a cycle for a friend that was concerned about his hair and taking procepia and it went something like this:
Test Prop - 150mg EOD
NPP - 100mg EOD
Anavar - 60mg/d
All easy on the hairline as long as you take the procepia to stop DHT conversion.

Good luck.


I’m cetainly an unlucky candidate to MPB and yet I’ve seen no ill effects from roids. I’m slowing losing my hair, sniff sniff, but I havent seen it decline faster.

What I do: Nioxin shampoo (blocks DHT), small amounts of propecia ONLY on cycle, very low use of Test (300Mg or less) stacked with hairline frendly stuff like EQ and Anavar. Tren has not been problematic at all.