Hair Loss from Masteron?

So i added 25 mg of proviron (pharma grade) twice weekly to my trt protocol, i also take finasteride but only twice per week since several years ago.
i was feeling great most for E2 control and over all sense of well being, thing is about a month in i begun to notice hairloss, got off it completely and hairloss stopped, so i wanted to ask you guys if using masteron 25 mg twice per week might give me the same side effect or might it be a bit less harsh on my hair due to the lower dose, thanks
While on proviron i felt improve in libido and better erections and orgasms, also a bit more dry when going to the gym, i refuse to take any AI,
i remember several months ago i also tryed primobolan a very low dose and also gave me low E2 symthoms the thing is that back then i was using an AI so maybe without AI primo could also work

Mast will be just as bad for your hair (if not worse) than proviron. You choose: better libido or all your hair.

Thank you man for the quick reply, but i mean at that lower of a dose ??, i have never used steroids for cycles but i read mast is used between 4 and 600 a week on the other hand i understand guys run proviron even at 25 mg daily which is kinda closer to what i was doing, thanks again

Mesterolone has a very low oral bioavailability. 25mg/day doesn’t actually equate to taking 25mg base hormone/day.

Hello, i meant a low dose of mast p, 25 mg twice weekly, would that count as a lesser dose than 25 mg twice a week of prov?

You were shedding on a twice weekly 25mg dose of proviron. That’s a very low dose. That means that you’ll have the same problem on a similarly low dose of mast. Sorry man, your genes want to toss away your hair the second they detect a DHT derivative.

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Hello iron-yuppie Maybe you can help me? Loss of my Hair i Read your comment so u might be able to help or someone else! When i Restarted Trt When I was injecting two times a week for a total of .07 per week that’s what I was doing 8 months ago!

When I started months ago! I started with the same amount two times a week for a month and a half. All of sudden I started seeing my hair thin out and fall out. I’m not sure what to do?

Theres no baldness that runs in my family on my dads side or Moms side or any history in the family always had a thick head of hair and long!

PS I know you shed when you’re on trt I did that over the years but never lost hair and thinned out like this after being back on it after 8 months of not doing it! Was only on it for a month and a half and boom it started coming out I guess when I was sleeping real bad!. Please any help would be appreciated thank you iron-yuppie

I think this is normal to shed once you reintroduce androgens in your body, you could consider taking a very low amount of finasteride like twice weekly or inject more often like 3 times per week, injecting more frequently helped a lot with me holding a lot less water

thank you for the reply I know you shed I’ve been off and on trt for over 5 years but if you read for those two months that I took it my hair is coming out unbelievably cuz I have long hair and all up in the front where it’s long it’s all thinned out in the last 2 months

50 mg of mast wont do much for you. Like iron said you seem to be genetically inclined to lose hair with a rise in DHT. You have to make a choice.
I used to have hair and I loved my hair but I loved big boners more so being bald isn’t so bad. Many women love men with bald heads.

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Does any other DHT derived compound have the same mild antiestrogenic effect and lowering SHBG??? i can try oxandrolone , i have read it is a lot less harsh for hair
I insist in prov and/or mast for the proven mild antiestrogenic effects, i remember a while back using primo very low dose and i also experineced low E2 symthoms but i was not getting libido boost because at the same time i was using arimidex at a very low dose also, i was more ignorant at that time, i remember primo a lot more gentle with hair despite being DHT derived

Sorry I have had long blond is color hair Surfer type guy all my life and I’m an older and months ago my hair was fine until I restarted the trt after not being on it for 8 months maybe I started the dose too high and that caused the hair loss and thickness it’s unbelievable what has gone on the last two and a half months freak me out so I stopped the trt again so I’m not sure what to do but I love my hair and the women do to if you saw the girl that I go out with trust me you would understand she’s
A blonde bunny bald is fine but it’s not for me I don’t have that look in the face for it or anything believe me I have a few friends that are trainers big time training guys on the UFC fights they look good but not me I just need to figure out maybe I should go to a dermatologist the look into hair figure out what’s causing it

Happy for you man, i still like my hair, thanks, i still have good boners but i can´t deny proviron improves a lot, mood, libido and over all sense of well being, less fat deposits also.

Start with only 100 mg a week, you can always up the dose.

Are you talkin to me lukedorian? Where can I get the stuff from also my friend I’m a lot older than you I think so I was lucky enough to have long hair but it doesn’t run in my family baldness my Dad or Mom side always had thick hair so I think I’m going to start up on a low dose of trt again instead of a higher dose maybe

Of course, i have been on trt since 2017 and as a hairloss sufferer, i know finasteride halts hairloss from TRT, also i only take 1 mg twice weekly.
Also frequency of injections do no less than 3 times per week, if you can do it EOD, that wil help even more if you don´t want to take propecia

may I ask how old you are I think I’m a lot older that might have some what to do with it but maybe not I heard some bad results with taking that pill few times a week as far as injections why no less than three times a week please explained maybe I should just go to the dermatologist and let him look at my scalp in my head and maybe they can figure it out and then I’ll explain it to them cuz they deal with hair

If you search around on the TRT subforum you´ll see how more frequent injections are linked to way better stable blood levels , less aromatization and les 5AR activity

thank you for all your help there’s anything else you can think of or come up with I appreciate it take care