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Hair Loss Even with Finasteride?

Has anyone here taken Finasteride but still lost their hair while on AAS? I’m currently taking Finasteride to avoid hair loss, though I haven’t done a cycle for about 5 years. Now I’m thinking about doing a cycle (test-E @ 700 mg/week + .5 mg Adex twice /week + 2 mg Finasteride/day + pct), but I might want to take extra precautions if other people have found that Finasteride isn’t always enough.

Thanks guys.

Many people who aren’t on AAS keep losing hair on finasteride, so yes, it’s common. Finasteride only works well for a minority of patients really.

I’m in the minority that Finasteride works really well for, at least when I’m not on AAS. Is it common among people respond well to Finasteride to resume losing hair on AAS?