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Hair Loss Continuing After Cycle

It’s been weeks since my last pin.

But I notice im still losing hair quite rapidly, as much as when I was on full blast, also much faster than any previous cycle.

First time I experienced this “much” obvious hair loss, I can swear I see daily change, I can literally pull out hair with no effort.

Does Deca cause more hair loss than other compound? Haven’t really experienced that badly with other compounds.

Well I was screwed anyway though, it’s in my genes and my dad had mpb at 25, so I was gonna have to go for hair transplant anyway but I do wonder why now so rapid, Deca?

How old are you? Some guys just hit an age were it happens. My friend had a full head of hair his senior year of high school. Poor bastard was almost completely bald on top by the start of freshman year of college. Lost almost all of it in 3 months.

From what I have heard, the DHT blocking shampoos work fairly well, and for many Rogaine (or off band with minodrixl) work fairly well.

30 now, I always had gradual hair lost already, slowly receding hairline, accelerated with cycles obviously.

But now this latest cycle, it suddenly goes SO fast like damn! Faster than when I did multiple cycles years ago.

I would try the DHT blocking shampoo and minodrixl combo.

I don’t get hair loss on or off cycle (I seem to be lucky), but I have considered using the DHT blocking shampoo on cycle.

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Thx i’ll try some out, if I can slow it a bit would be great, coz transplant is costly, rather postpone it a few years lol.

How many cycles have you ran? No loss at all?

I didnt experience much hair loss with my first few cycles, I thought I was invincible, just a tad bit redecing hairline but still thick hair, then I was 3 years off, now doing a cycle again and boom holy crap it goes fast.

Only 1 LOL. Didn’t lose any extra during. I was also worried about it when I started TRT.

I would do a bit more research than the article I posted. I am guessing you could find something cheaper with the same / similar ingredients as their recommended product. From what I have seen in my minimal research is that the DHT blocking shampoos do indeed work.