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Hair Loss and Oxandrin and Winstrol

In a previous responce to a post about a stack of oxandrin at 25mg and winstrol at 20mg /day, Brock or Bill said I would get minimal hair loss with this cycle. Did I understand this correctly, I was under the impression these drugs would not cause any hair loss? And if so, should one incorporate propecia or proscar(at what dose by the way?) in to an 8-12 week cycle of these two?

There is no AAS that will not potentially
cause hairloss. ALL and I mean ALL of
them can. Oxandrolone and stanozolol carry
lower risks than testosterone or methandrostenolone.

But the risk is there nonetheless.


Brock, thank you for your responce. I hope this is not a stupid question, but will hair that is lost secondary to AAS use return once use is discontinued or is it a permanent loss? I appreciate any help you can afford me.

The hair loss is generally permanent,
though I suppose there could be some
slight reversibility, same as there is
sometimes with “natural” male pattern
baldness when taking finasteride.

As to your question on how to incorporate
finasteride into the oxandrolone/stanozolol
cycle, finasteride and 5-AR have NO effect
on these steroids since they are already
5-alpha reduced. However, the finasteride
would reduce the effect on the hair of the
natural testosterone you’d still have to
some extent while on that cycle.