hair growth

What will make my hair grow faster? Does anybody know of anything?

My hair grows so quickly that I have to go to the barbers every 10 days. One tip to get your hair growing as quickly as possible is to wash your hair (preferably by showering, or if having a bath, keeping your scalp submerged) at least twice a day, with nice HOT water. What that does is open up the pores of your scalp, and allowing your hair to maximise it’s growth. However, I would not recommend this if you have weak, thin, or receding hair, as they’d probably fall off instead due to the constant strain on your scalp. And make sure your nutrition is on par with everything i.e. vitamins, minerals, milk, etc…

Nioxin is a great hair care system. You can find it at any local Salon. It is somewhat pricey, but worth it because it’s high quality. They use the product for Cancer patients who have lost hair in chemo. Give it a try!


be certain to take at least 3 x Vitamin C as Cysteine tho.

like 500 mg L-Cysteine and 1500 mg Ascorbic acid 3 x day

avoid if diabetic etc.