Hair Growth with Biotin?

I have been taking 2500 mcg of Biotin every day for a month or so. I went into my barber and he told me that there was new hair growth. It is part of my multivitamin so I didn’t really pay attention to the Biotin, but now I think there is some truth to it!

Has anyone else noticed a connection between new hair growth (not just longer hair) and Biotin?

I have started to take the recommended dose that the bottle suggests which will increase the Biotin to 5000 mcg a day. Let me know what ya’ll think!

Edit: I have a slight receding hairline creating a small peak.

I’m not a big believer in biotin (but I am huge believer in multivitamins and also eating plenty of greens and avoiding all junk food). Biotin may help a tad I’m not saying it won’t. But if you are bald you are not going to get your hair back by taking biotin. I have a good head of hair especially for my age. But it did start thinning somewhat when I reached 45. I immediately started using Rogaine and then extra strength Rogaine. I will say that it prevented further hair loss, but didn’t grow more hair. I also use three different shampoos which may help as well. Nizoral, Purador and Surge. I use one for a week or so and then switch. I have a theory that the scalp adjusts to one and then any gains that I might get diminish. I have no proof this is true. But, if the body adjusts to one particular workout why not hair follicles? If you want to pick just one shampoo choose Nizoral there have been some clinical tests that it tends to prevent hair loss.

Also, for the past 12 months I have been using a laser helmet. And I’m happy to say that this has produced a tiny bit of hair growth. But again I’m not bald so keeping what I have and gaining a little is fine. I also noticed one other thing with the laser helmet, it has made my hair thicker so it looks like I have more hair. You only need to put it on every other day for 25 minutes. So, it’s not difficult to use. They said you will see a difference in 6 months and I did. So, I thought I would just keep going to see if I would get an even better result. I didn’t. But I kept what I had from the first 6 months so it’s worth it in my view.

So by all means keep taking the biotin as it will not hurt you and might help a little. But do try Rogaine and the three shampoos that I mentioned above. And if you are able to purchase a laser helmet, along with the other products discussed, you have the best strategy available. Laser helmets are not cheap, they range in price from $350 to as high as $900. Yes it is a lot of money but you are either committed to keeping your hair and possibly growing more or you’re not.

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Not an unreasonable thought. I take biotin (because my wife tells me to) and my nails grow like crazy. Maybe you’re on to something

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It’s well known that biotin is linked with normal hair growth. However, it will do little to prevent ‘normal’ hair loss, i.e. male pattern baldness. The latter is caused by scalp sensitivity to DHT, something biotin will have no impact on.

Can you link research/studies on this that you feel appropriately discuss or describe the point?

Here’s a headline on biotin from Examine:

“It is currently being marketed for improving nail, skin, and hair aesthetics. These claims, however, were not followed up scientifically so there is not much evidence to support biotin’s role here. It can plausibly have these actions mechanistically, but there is simply not much evidence that can be used as support.”

There is a study that supports the notion it helps women with temporary hair thinning issues. This ties in with the knowledge that deficiency can result in hair thinning/alopecia, especially for pregnant women, but that is some distance from linking it to combatting said DHT interaction in the scalp.

I am not challenging your assertion. Then why would I have new growth in previously balding areas?

Mate, I genuinely don’t know. The fact is some people genuinely swear by all sorts of pills, lotions and contraptions when it comes to baldness. See Zeb1’s post about his laser hair helmet for proof of that.

If you had a biotin deficiency then you could experience hair loss, although I would expect that to be potentially random thinning rather than traditional MPB. If a simple biotin supplement was an effective way to tackle MPB then it would be well-known, and well-researched, by now. The fact is, it’s not.

From my doctor: If your thinning hair is caused by genetics and not diet, medication, stress etc. The only thing that will work is Human Growth Hormone.

For me he was right. Nothing worked for me before I started taking 3 IU’s of HGH day.

Are you talking about a complex in multivitamins? why you believe that much in them ?

It’s called an insurance policy. I know that taking a really high quality multivitamin and many other nutrients will not harm me so I do it. On the other hand there is some good research that certain nutrients not only help you stay healthier but may actually extend your life as well. I’ve been supplementing since the age of 19 and not only have I kept my hair (90%) but most people tell me I look a good 10 to 15 years younger than my real age. Okay…maybe their just being kind to me. But I train 6 days a week as hard as I ever have and my gym numbers have not slipped. And like I said I still have my hair and my father and maternal grandfather were both bald.

Did the many nutrients that I have been taking, along with a clean diet and the avoidance of junk food through the years help? No one knows for sure as there is no scientific method to prove it. But, I do have some spectacular results.

One other fellow lived this way as well his name was Jack Lalanne. He died at the age of 96 with a full head of hair. Sure it could be a coincidence…

Just passing this stuff along you can do whatever you’d like.

The male pattern baldness gene is passed on to sons by their mothers. If you want to know if you’re going to be bald, look at your mom’s father.

That must be up there in the top ten old wives’ tales. While there is undoubtedly a genetic predisposition, as there is to most things, there is also environmental factors and just ‘the great unknown’. The fact is, despite it being studied for decades, there is still no unanimous view as to the cause of MPB. While the overwhelming view is sensitivity in the scalp to DHT, scientists still don’t know the exact mechanisms or how to reverse it.

In terms of multivitamins as an insurance policy, few folks would disagree it’s a cheap, low risk insurance policy. I’ve done it myself for years. But staking claims it can achieve immortality and retain a full head of hair are simply delusional. After all, who hasn’t walked past a 60-year-old tramp in the street who is eating out of garbage cans but has a head of hair to die for?

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wow, its good to know my genetics professor in college was wrong. i better go back and question every thing i was taught.

Meh, sardonism/sarcasm isn’t welcome. Just refute it without the attitude.

True that’s why I said it could be a coincidence and that my case certainly cannot be proven with science.

We are just sort of talking here. Unless there is an individual who is an expert on hair loss and has dedicated his life to this particular science…it’s all just talk.

Also, what works for one person may not work for another…but then I am just talking as I am not an expert. Maybe there is one magical formula that will regrow hair for all of mankind. That would be nice. But I don’t see anything on the horizon. And just like all the talk of curing cancer that I’ve been hearing about for decades…I will believe it when I actually see it.

Until then…it’s all just talk.

While you’re at it, can you ask your professor to explain why some folks appear to retain/lose their hair while their siblings don’t? Or simply why some folks retain/lose their hair in contrast with grandad?

To tickletackletock, I acknowledged genetic predisposition. I refuted causation. Don’t mistake that for sarcasm. I’m one of the least ‘sarky’ folks you could meet!!

I was responding to Studhammer…

No worries mate. Should have realised that!