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Hair Falling Out, Need Help

Hope you guys are doing good.

Currently at my 3rd month of
Test + Tren + eq

Test 400 MG
Tren 400 MG
EQ 800 MG
No Armidex

I’m currently experiencing Hair fall.
I hv Finasteride, and all the other Serm.

Kindly suggest me, how to handle the situation.
I want to run this cycle 1 More month.

Finesteride has done well for me for years.

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1600mg, half of it being from test/tren its no surprise you are suffering hair loss.
If you don’t look like a pro bodybuilder(not just the build but the hairline, there is a reason most pro’s have receding hairlines, with buzz cuts or totally shaved heads), with this cycle you should probably cut back total mg.
You could still have a pretty decent physique, with 125-250mg of test, and 500mg of EQ, and much less hair loss. It all depends on your goals, many guys use way too many mgs and all they get is more side effects rather than muscle growth.


I’ve just added tren last week and will run it max 6 weeks.to cut some fat. also tampering EQ down from week to week.

My genetics sucks “skinny fat sorta guy”

so have to use that kinda high amount of MG to build some muscles.

I have Finesteride (1 MG)
What’s The doasge you would recommend to me?
I’m a little scared to use it as I’ve heard bad things about Fin, Messed up the sexual desire and other sperm counts related side effects.
What’s your take?

I Just Bought The shampoo from the chemist.
I’ll be using 3 Times a Week.

Thanks For the help.

The dose is really 1 mg a day. I experience no sides like you mentioned. But again we are all different.

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There is a risk regarding finasteride. Post finasteride syndrome is real. Nobody knows the probability or the prevalence of persisting sexual dysfunction. Most of the time sexual function returns to normal after cessation. I also have a lot of people in the pharmacy telling me they have zero side effects.

My advice would be to not start finasteride lightly. If you got other options try them first (including stopping AAS).

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BRO… DHT Blockers! Saw Palmetto 1000mg! Also Coconut, Olive oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Avocado oil… All topical scalp and indigestible DHT Blockers! I even blend Saw palmetto with these oils and wash my scalp with the mixture. Before that use 5% Minoxidil 30min before shower. Increases blood flow to the scalp!!! Then I use oil mixture and massage scalp for 3-5min with warm water to increase blood flow.

Also Take:
Caffeine - Blocks DHT
ZINC, - Feeds hair
Biotin, - Feeds hair
Vitamin A - Feeds hair
Protein, - Feeds hair
Collagen! - Feeds hair

I like the 20mg Collagen powder you find next to the protein powders at Walmart.

Good Luck!!!