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Hair and Professionalism

I’m a trainer currently and I am self employed. Through a friend I learned of a job opening this fall at gym near my apt. Because of the better security of that job I think I’ll take a shot at it.

My question is

What do you think about a 20 year old black male with shoulder length hair? (dyed gray)

I don’t think there’s a problem because its a natural color. Its not nasty looking or anything like that…just happens to not be black like usual. I’ve never gotten any complaints from the people I’ve had the chance to sign my indie contracts with, so do you think a corporate type will care?

Dyed gray… sounds a bit weird man. But then again things like that can help to set you apart in certain occupations. I’ve used to work with a white guy who had dreadlocks down to his waste and this was in a corporate call centre environment. e was in a lower management position and I’m positive that nearly everybody in the whole place (about 2500 staff) knew him.

I think for jobs were personal flair and confidence are pre-requisites to being successful setting yourself apart won’t go against you.

… I’d like a pic though just so that my imagination can stop running wild!! :-0

It probably won’t help, but the overall impression of your knowledge, physique and demeanor will be the most important factor. I’d suggest that you cut it and let it re-grow your natural color and dye it the way you like it when you have good job security.

What’s the line of work? How ingrained is the corporate culture? What position are you applying for?

To be perfectly honest, I would be more concerned about your age than your hair. If you need help with your resume, let me know. I have a close friend who is a head-hunter (corporate recruiting), who can help you tweak your resume.

When is your stint at the “home away from home” over?

Let me know if I can assist.

What’s the difference between having gray shoulder length hair and black shoulder length dreadlocks.

[quote]Brother Chris wrote:
What’s the difference between having gray shoulder length hair and black shoulder length dreadlocks. [/quote]

  1. color
  2. Style

I picture an old Rick James.

Do you work in a corporate setting as a personal trainer or both indepently?

You don’t mean a commericial gym do you? There is a difference so just asking.

Too many variables to make that call, Ct.

Most corporate positions, especially where your public image is to reflect the company’s image (service positions) have standards. If you’re in the mailroom, you can probably goth out for all it’s worth. But if you’re rubbing elbows with the higher-ups, or customers, you’re probably going to fare better with a more conservative look. Give us some more info on the criteria.

A little related story:
A few years ago I was in a meeting in my corporate client’s conference room. I sat in a high-back chair with my back toward the door discussing a project with the art director. At one point the art director was called to the door to talk to the CEO, who had been passing by. After their brief chat, the art director sat down and said to me, “The CEO asked who you were. He thought you were a woman [from the back] with your long hair!” I said, “Damn. Does that reflect poorly on me working for you?” He said, “No, no! We WANT our artists to LOOK like artists!”